If you are looking Multimedia or Web classes in Tennessee we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse Multimedia or Web classes in TN and search for schools to request information:

The Art Institute of Tennessee

The Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media prepares graduates to enter the field in many areas such as multimedia producer, multimedia programmer, multimedia scriptwriter, computer-based training designer, Web designer, and Web programmer. The program gives students a solid foundation in design skills with an emphasis on interactive and PC screen design. Students are also prepared to use the tools necessary to create interactive content that plays on disk or web browser. Scripting and programming skills related to content development will be utilized.


This course introduces some of the techniques, tools, and technologies associated with Web development. By identifying, interpreting, and implementing the roles and responsibilities of Web industry team members, students define, design, and develop an HTML-based Web site using standard authoring tools.


An introduction for the non-major, this course examines the fundamentals of typography and layout for publication and Web design. Students explore the practical application of these skills by using industry-relevant software packages. This course does not count for credit for graphic design students.


Using digital media, students develop an individual illustration style. They create illustrative solutions using computer technology, develop a marketable illustration style, study current industry trends, evaluate technical and aesthetic needs of illustrations, and justify illustrative solutions to problems.


This course helps students understand the role of audio in an interactive environment. They learn the concepts and technology for digitization, optimization, and integration of audio on the Web.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Audio Production program has been designed to develop advanced techniques in recording, mixing and mastering. Principles of MIDI, synthesis and sound design for CD production, film and video production will be addressed. The program introduces current trends in analog and digital audio production as they apply to studio recording, sound reinforcement and electronic music. Opportunities to compose, perform and record music are integrated into the program.

Digital Audio Workstations II

This course introduces the foundational skills needed to function within a digital audio workstation software environment at an advanced level.

AUDIO 235 Music Design and Synthesis

The course offers in-depth information on the world of modern music production and composition. Fundamentals of synthesis and the processing of sound using oscillators, filters, and other basic audio devices are among the topics covered.

AUDIO 245 Recording on Location

This course addresses on-site microphone selection, placement, and recording equipment usage, as well as practical on-site audio recording techniques for news reporting, live concerts, and movie production.

AUDIO 485 Audio Production Capstone

The Audio Production capstone is a research-based course that integrates concepts and work from throughout the program. Projects will simulate a professional audio production environment.



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