If you are looking Multimedia or Web classes in Nevada we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Multimedia or Web classes in NV and search for schools to request information:

The Art Institute of Las Vegas

Audio Production is an integral part of multimedia, Web, software, film, video, A/V presentations music and studio production. With new tools for recording, editing, designing and broadcasting audio constantly evolving, today’s professional audio engineer or production technician must have a solid understanding of the basic principles of sound theory as well as knowing how to use the appropriate technology and software.

AUD213 Audio Recording II

Students expand and develop the skills learned in Fundamentals of Audio Production through multi-track recording projects. The course focuses on recording techniques used in music production. Emphasis is placed on signal flow for basic tracks, mix down, and overdubs. Other topics include close and distant microphone techniques, recording session management, analog tape recorders, studio documentation, signal processing, and moving fader automation systems.

AUD216 Digital Audio III

This course covers in depth the use of Pro Tools in a number of different professional studio operation scenarios. Topics include SMPTE time code and synchronization, digital console automation, OMF file transfers, synchronization and machine control in postproduction, and introduction to surround mixing and surround formats.

AUD114 Audio Recording I

This course runs in conjunction with Audio Technology II. The theoretical foundations presented in Audio Technology II are reinforced in this course through practical, hands-on applications. Students learn the operational techniques of basic audio systems with an emphasis on mix down of prerecorded multi-track tapes and eight-track recording projects.

AUD111 Digital Audio I

This course introduces students to the theories, practices, and tools used in digital audio production and techniques of non-linear digital audio editing, focusing on the fundamental theories and concepts behind various types of digital audio tools. Through lectures and in-class projects, students develop knowledge and skills needed to operate non-linear audio workstations.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Audio Production program has been designed to develop advanced techniques in recording, mixing and mastering. Principles of MIDI, synthesis and sound design for CD production, film and video production will be addressed. The program introduces current trends in analog and digital audio production as they apply to studio recording, sound reinforcement and electronic music. Opportunities to compose, perform and record music are integrated into the program.

AUDIO 245 Recording on Location

This course addresses on-site microphone selection, placement, and recording equipment usage, as well as practical on-site audio recording techniques for news reporting, live concerts, and movie production.

AUDIO 225 Audio Recording Techniques

This course focuses on audio recording techniques, including microphone placement, proper gain stages, proper equalization and frequency balancing. The class will explore the field of audio engineering and production, including the fundamentals of compression, effects, and digital audio processing.

AUDIO 365 Advanced Mixing and Mastering

This course will explore advanced stereo audio mixing techniques. The topics included are vocal comping, editing and production, advanced dynamics processing, advanced time based processors and automation techniques.

AUDIO 290 Studio Concentration

This course concentrates on the practical skills needed to successfully compose, mix, and master a custom music CD. The final product is required to be mastered to both CD and DVD upon completion of the project.


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