If you are looking for Multimedia or Web classes in Illinois we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Multimedia or Web classes in IL and search for schools to request information:

American Academy of Art

Multimedia/Web Design is a program that compliments the student’s traditional training with digital skills. Students learn to use several software programs to create interactive and time-based media that targets a specific market and objective.

MMW304 2-D Animation and Digital Video II

Students in this course expand upon the techniques learned in MMW204, with added emphasis on longer form, experimental video and video for web pages. Students work on developing a “reel” or video portfolio.

MMW309 Multimedia I: Interactive Graphics

Interactive Graphics introduces interactive animations and the tools used to create exciting and complex user-driven presentations. Using industry-standard software, students will work their way through developing multimedia content including the use and control of typography, images, digital video and animated graphics. The course emphasizes and develops the student’s ability and versatility with web-oriented content and focuses on the industry-leading development tools for such content.

MMW415 Multimedia Web Video: Interactive Media and Video Integration.

In this course, students will integrate various content and media for presentation on the Web. Media, including digital video and digital audio, will be developed utilizing web publishing software presented online. Students will develop multimedia projects while addressing issues of content, organization, navigation and presentation. Throughout the course, students will discuss the underlying ethical and social issues at the forefront of this new medium. Course work includes team projects, lecture and a final culminating project.

MMW408 Web Design II

Students in MMW408 will develop their web design and web development skills related to integrating animated content and dynamic content into their web sites. This includes interacting with programming languages such as html, xhtml, CSS, JAVA script, Flash content, ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). This will give students the opportunity to focus on and develop their skills specifically in the areas of development and dynamic database-driven programming languages.

International Academy of Design and Technology

This program of study is designed to prepare the student to create, produce, and distribute interactive media, including video, audio, 2D and 3D for purposes of communication and entertainment. Students will have the opportunity to develop basic design skills for application to visual problem solving. Additionally, students are expected to develop skills in project management and team collaboration demonstrating business and communication practices required for employment in the worldwide workplace. The program will culminate in the preparation of a professional entry level portfolio.

DESIGN 260 Advanced Digital Imaging

Advanced techniques and aesthetics in digital image creation and editing are explored and applied through the completion of computer design projects.

DESIGN 360 Interactive Media III

The course will cover advanced scripting techniques geared towards design solutions and an entirely dynamic construction of application.

DESIGN 355 Video Editing

An examination of editing theory, history and aesthetics leading toward postproduction technology and techniques required to deliver professional quality digital video. Students have the opportunity to capture and edit digital footage using traditional techniques and effects, with output to be distributed in a variety of formats. Visual quality, broadcast standards, and format compression will also be examined.

DESIGN 255 Video Production

This course will introduce the basic concepts of video production within a multimedia environment. The use of industry standard hardware and software to capture, convert and edit video will be explored. Different shooting techniques of small format distribution will be compared and contrasted.


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