If you are looking for Multimedia and Web classes in Florida we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Multimedia and Web classes in FL and search for schools to request information:

International Academy of Design and Technology
If you’ve dreamt of being involved in the process of designing glossy four-color catalogs, interactive web pages or animation-rich CDs, the Multimedia Design degree program at the Academy could help prepare you for a rewarding career. Students in this program can gain versatility with training in a broad range of areas, from web design and 3-D modeling and animation to digital audio and video production. 
You can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Multimedia Design while you create real-world multimedia projects for your professional portfolio. With a well-rounded curriculum that prepares you for print and multimedia environments, our Multimedia Design degree program can help you develop critical thinking, logic, communication and problem-solving skills.
DESIGN 245 Audio Production
This course will introduce the basic concepts of sound recording and editing within the multimedia environment. Computer hardware and software will be used to experiment with recording/capturing, converting and editing audio. The course will provide a basic understanding of sound and acoustics, and analog and digital recording and editing methods in the creation of a basic stereo audio project.
DESIGN 210 Web Design II
Students will be introduced to the concepts governing Web site design and implementation. Students will explore a number of design problems, including: interface design, navigation, look and feel and design process.
Design Media Arts College
The main goal of the Computer Arts MFA is the development of the individual as a practicing artist employing digital technology in the pursuit of artistic excellence. The accelerated four semester (1 ½ year) MFA program in Multimedia and Web prepares students for a competitive career in Multimedia and Web by taking advanced courses in Computer Graphics technology, Design concepts, Typography, Illustration, Management, and Advertising among many other courses that lead to the Thesis and Portfolio project in the second year. Digital Media Arts College is proud to have an entire floor of our campus strictly for Graduate students. 
CGD 3007 Multimedia Design
This course focuses on preparing the graphic designer to utilize effective graphic design interfaces for the electronic media. The objective of the course is to create an interactive CD-ROM from beginning to end. This course contains a lab component.
CGD 2072 Web Page Design I
Through lecture and studio work, students gain training on how to effectively implement graphic design elements with Web page design. Students are exposed to new software for functioning with designs, linking sites, and overall site management for the web. This course contains a lab component.
Full Sail University
If you see yourself designing the elements of tomorrow’s media, Full Sail University’s Digital Arts & Design Bachelor’s Degree Program delivers a comprehensive multimedia education that combines art and technology. You’ll receive a solid grounding in graphic design fundamentals and print work, and then go on to create projects in a multitude of digital and multimedia platforms. You’ll work with the latest industry software and leave the program with a cohesive demo reel to showcase your talent to prospective employers. 

DGT 241 Advanced Computer Graphics
The Advanced Computer Graphics Course trains students in advanced levels of graphics creation through the use of software programs utilized by design and animation companies worldwide. This course emphasizes design from a problem solving point of view, and introduces the production timeline and graphical requirements for the manipulation of digital images in a studio environment.
DGT 345 Digital Audio Design
In the Digital Audio Design Course, students explore the creation of audio elements for multimedia, with an emphasis on the design and production of a quality audio product. Students go through the process of producing audio that is compatible with various forms of delivery, from DVD to the Internet. Students gain the skills required to produce quality audio elements and also learn to master those elements to CDROM or another comparable format.
The Art Institute of Tampa
The Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media prepares graduates to enter the field in many areas such as multimedia producer, multimedia programmer, multimedia scriptwriter, computer-based training designer, Web designer, and Web programmer. The program gives students a solid foundation in design skills with an emphasis on interactive and PC screen design. Students are also prepared to use the tools necessary to create interactive content that plays on disk or web browser. Scripting and programming skills related to content development will be utilized. The length of the program is 12, 11-week quarters.
GR1250 Layout Design
This class will concentrate on utilizing design principles and theories in problem solving, focusing on the importance of layout composition. Emphasis will be on the process of design development from roughs to comprehensives, layout, and the use of grid systems for multi-component layouts.
GR2103 Advanced Image Manipulation
This course builds upon the VA1421 Image Manipulation class to integrate raster and vector graphics with concerns for varied formats, including Web and print graphics. Students will create visual messages and focused visual statements, and gain an understanding of the differences in Web and print graphics.

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