If you are looking for Multimedia and Web classes in California we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Multimedia and Web classes in CA and search for schools to request information:
Brooks Institute
Multimedia and Web program prepares students for entry level employment in a variety of multimedia careers including web graphic design, multimedia content development for the web, digital photography, digital illustration, and design for print and web publications. Foundation courses provide students with hands-on experience using a number of multimedia and graphic software applications.
DGN425 Web Design 4
This advanced course builds on the concepts of animation and time-based design introduced in DGN320. Students should gain an in-depth understanding of ActionScript®, the language which powers Flash® animations. Students should be able to utilize ActionScript® to create advanced animations, time-based websites and other multimedia projects. A variety of projects, which demonstrate the use of ActionScript® to animate and control interfaces and content, will be part of this course. This course runs on a limited basis.
MED351 Layout & Design
This course concentrates on the use of the computer as an illustration and page layout tool. Students will engage in in-depth work with page layout and ancillary software programs, with the goal of creating layouts to accompany photographs in a final page design. The course introduces students to work in print-based and electronic media. The layout and design skills covered provide a strong foundation for work in print advertising, magazine and book layout, multimedia, web or other forms of visual presentation.
Academy of Art University
The School of Multimedia Communications teaches students how to write, edit, shoot, produce, host, report, and distribute content across all types of media, including the Internet, radio, TV, cable, broadcast syndication, and more. In this communications program students will learn broadcasting skills, journalism skills, and a full set of production skills. Students will develop a reel that focuses on a media specialty, choosing from topics such as news, fashion, entertainment, sports, art, design, technology, food, and others. The goal of the program is to provide a multidisciplinary degree that gives students a well-rounded set of media skills required for the vast majority of jobs in the industry.
COM 115: Digital Tools for Broadcast and New Media
This course puts the ‘multi’ in multimedia. Students will learn about all the current technologies at their disposal and combine these elements to create a unified multimedia work. Students will incorporate sound, video, and animated graphics and text in a website and a menu driven DVD.
COM 202: Multimedia Formats & Trends 1
In this course, students will examine technology and media trends of the past and where we are today. Students learn practices and techniques for keeping up with technology throughout their careers, which will include a review of all major industry conferences.
ITT Technical Institute – School of Drafting and Design
The Information Technology – Multimedia program can help graduates prepare to perform tasks associated with designing and creating interactive multimedia communications. Additional curriculum topics, investigated through classroom and laboratory experiences, include introductory computer programming, multimedia applications and other related technical subjects. Information Technology – Multimedia consists of a foundation core of computing and general education courses, followed by studies in multimedia applications.
IT213 Interactive Communication Design II
This course is a continuation of Interactive Communication Design I. Students use authoring and related software to develop complete interactive communication systems. Projects will include development of interactive media for use in multiple platforms that can be accessed via the Internet, CD-ROM or multimedia. Prior knowledge of interface design, need assessment and design principles is necessary.
IT310 AudioVideo Techniques
Techniques of integrating visual and audio features into an edited multimedia or animated piece are introduced in this course. Students will have opportunities to output projects onto videotape or CD-ROM.
The Art Institute of Califórnia
This program was created to prepare you for careers involving the Internet with a focus on marketing and design. It integrates the elements of audio, video, still images, animation, text and data for the delivery of interactive content. Course work begins with drawing and design, digital image manipulation, multimedia system design, scriptwriting, sound, video and animation. It progresses to more complex classes such as interactive information design and Web development – all under the guidance of experienced faculty members recruited from this fascinating industry.
MM2201 Interface Design
An exploration of the synthesis of visual design and principles of human interactivity. This course will examine the conceptual and practical design of interfaces.
MM3333 Web Design for Graphic Artists
An exploration of the process of Web design from proposal to production. Students design and produce Web sites with Web editing software.
International Academy of Design and Technology
This program of study is designed to prepare the student to create, produce, and distribute interactive media, including video, audio, 2D and 3D for purposes of communication and entertainment. Students will have the opportunity to develop basic design skills for application to visual problem solving. Additionally, students are expected to develop skills in project management and team collaboration demonstrating business and communication practices required for employment in the worldwide workplace. The program will culminate in the preparation of a professional entry level portfolio.
DESIGN 230 Interactive Media I
This course will explore interface design theory and its implementation. This will serve as a foundation course covering drawing, animation, importing external graphics, audio and video elements and using them to construct effective web interfaces.
DESIGN 325 Interface Design
This course covers the skills necessary to produce effective “information design” in a multimedia environment. Design principles, as they relate to the use of typography, photographs, video, illustration, and interface elements, will be explored with the goal of developing designs that effectively deliver content to given audiences.

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