If you are looking Multimedia or Web classes in Arizona we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Multimedia or Web classes in AZ and search for schools to request information:

The Art Institute of Tucson

Web Design & Interactive Media offers a user-centered design program in which competencies are focused on creative and innovative technology solutions across various media platforms. From interfaces for wireless devices and e-learning solutions to high-end dynamic Web sites and rich media experiences, students will discover and embrace trends in the ever-evolving field of Web Design & Interactive Media.


This course includes the principles and practices of digital audio in an interactive design setting. Students learn to use current digital audio programs for recording, editing, sequencing, and mixing for a variety of outputs and applications.


This course introduces students to the fundamental terminology, concepts, and techniques of digital visual composition for both static and moving images. Instruction is given on basic techniques of production, including digital still camera, as well as camcorder orientation, lighting, set-up, and operation. It focuses on the principles of using color, composition, lighting, and other techniques for overall thematic and visual effects of moving and static images.


This course will help students communicate and design with the computer as a professional tool. Using vector software applications, the student will demonstrate an understanding of electronic illustration. The course will explore vector-based graphic applications that are considered to be industry standard.


This course is designed to examine photo retouching and image manipulation using computers. Employing software applications to scan original artwork, photos, or public domain images from CD-ROMs, students will use filtering capabilities, interactive brightness and contrast controls, and other image manipulation tools to enhance and retouch the images.

Collins College

If you have a passion for creating stories with digital video, the Associate of Arts degree in Digital Video Production at Collins College could be for you. You can explore live television studio production and staging techniques for live events. Demonstrate your talent in the form of videos you create from concept to final, edited composition. We can help you create a portfolio of work to assist you in preparing for an exciting career. 

As a student in our Digital Video Production degree program, you�ll take classes in Cinema History, Photography, Audio Production, Digital Editing, and 2D and 3D Animation. You can learn the ins and outs of pre- and post-production and non-linear editing, plus lighting and audio for video and field production. 

DV220 Audio Production

This class will introduce students to analog audio, digital audio, and acoustics concepts. Various classifications of microphones, including dynamic vs. condenser, shotgun, and lapel, will be discussed. The class will include information on both studio and field audio situations.

DV296 Audio/Video Compression and Streaming

This course is designed to give a basis for understanding the issues and process of audio and video compression for the Web. Students will be familiarized with the uses and advantages of HTML, Flash, and other tools for the creation of dynamic Web content.

DV280 Live Production

Students are introduced to in-studio and live production processes, including set direction, live switching, studio camera operation, live-studio audio mixing, overhead lighting techniques, and on-air production. Students will also explore the graphics and computer-generated imagery incorporated into live production and the assembly process of an actual live production.

DV270 Audio/Video Staging/Broadcast Production

Students explore techniques for staging audiovisual presentation equipment for live events, including projectors; audio mixers and public address systems, computers and cameras, and light systems.


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