A degree specializing in motions graphics is attainable from a plethora of colleges around the world. Students interested in opening the doors to a career in motions graphics should enroll in a graphics design program focused on building the necessary skills to be successful at developing animation and special effects for top films and computer companies. Motions graphics professionals are responsible for constructing imagery that grabs an audience’s attention.

Students that enroll in, and successfully complete, their motion graphics degree program, will earn amazing opportunities to compete for exciting jobs in television, movie, and other media-related industries. Motion graphics students hoping to learn the most cutting-edge tricks of the trade will master software programs like DVD Studio Pro, VFX, Final Cut Pro, and Flash. Moreover, students should be prepared to learn the in’s and out’s of Adobe Photo Shop, Dreamweaver, Lightwave 3D, Avid, and Illustrator. Discovering these and other technology programs will help students build their expertise at special effects development.

Before taking the steps to begin studying at one of the many universities offering motion graphic design programs, get familiar with Macintosh computers, which are the primary device in motion graphics courses and in the motion graphics industry in general. Furthermore, any student preparing him or herself for the challenging aspects of a motions graphics degree program will first need a basic understanding of the world’s most widely-used programming languages. Students should also enroll in courses specializing in computer operations training.

Competitive motion graphics degree programs usually feature courses taught by instructors with film-industry experience. Receiving knowledge and tips from instructors with an extensive motion graphics background can be invaluable. Look into colleges offering programs that involve career development, job placement, and internships with top media corporations.

Students pursuing an education in motion graphics can choose from a variety of programs. Both two-year and four-year degree programs are available, which specialize in motion graphics design and are offered from numerous universities all over the world. Individuals hoping to enroll in a two-year associates program should consider seeking a degree in motion graphics and video, which offers courses focused mainly on the fundamentals of digital media styles, video delivery systems, design, and font and color techniques.

Once your two-year degree program is completed, pursue a Bachelors of Science in Media Arts Degree, which emphasizes training in videography, video title card design, image and design concepts, and visual communication.

Motion graphics design students challenging themselves with a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Effects degree, will take courses centering on animation design, visual effects, and marketing with video media.

Individuals successful in completing their education in motion graphics often earn annual salaries ranging between $60,000-$75,000. Film and television companies are always looking for the next best motion graphic designer or motion artist.

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