Starting a career as a professional photographer in Minnesota can be challenging. It can be frightening to think about the stereotypical limitations that a photographer might have in terms of career options post graduation and the academic training is also quite intimidating to some. However, Minnesota Photography Schools offer support and guidance to the students who wish to strive in the industry. Not only will the schools open up the right doors to hard working photography students, but the state itself will provide inspiration whatever the season may be.

There is no standard curriculum for a photography program. Each school program is developed using courses that have different aims within the photography industry. Although some of the courses may be similar, they are not identical. The reasoning behind this is that each school in Minnesota offer training within different fields of photography depending on the specific focus of the school. Where Brown College in Mendota Heights, Minnesota offer professional photography courses within the fields of documentary, fashion, news, portraits and sports, the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota focus their photography programs on the fine arts and designs. 

However, all of the Minnesota photography schools agree that the basis of a solid background in photography lie in the importance of principles, techniques, knowledge of relevant technological tools and advancements and creating parallels between the educational values and the disciplines needed for professional development in the non-academic sphere. The knowledge required to graduate from school and become successful within the photography industry in Minnesota are developed by combining lectures and laboratory experiences, often with some fieldwork in the state of Minnesota.

There are more career choices after attending Minnesota Photography Schools. Besides the conventional wedding and portrait photographer, photographers often find themselves drawn to their hobbies and interests. This has lead to photography careers within the fields of advertising, assistant commercial photographer, digital photography, and scientific photography. The brave souls either venture outside of Minnesota to become photojournalists who often travel across the world to document news and world issues or open their own studios and become independent photographers.

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