The land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota, is not always the first choice of destination in the typical film student’s potential place of study. Well at least in this writer’s opinion anyway. A fair sized state in the heart of the American Midwest, Minnesota’s growing reputation as a hotbed of positively acclaimed film schools is quickly changing this unproven assumption. Whether your list of possible Minnesota film schools reads like an inner city Minneapolis/St. Paul mishmash of urban art hipster locales or a rural suburban dream for the quieter, less hectic types is up to you. The best part about this is unarguably neither demographic is better than the other as you receive top level training and experience in any field you choose.

The Minnesota College of Art and Design, MCAD, is a standout in the plethora of metro Minnesota film schools. With nearly 125 years of history and the highest possible accreditation for an art and design college, it is a great choice for the student that wishes to stay in the hustle and bustle of big city America and experience the downtown stimuli that help inspire artists worldwide. Nestled in between two cultural icons of the twin cities; the Children’s Theatre Company and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts; a lively creative energy consumes the area. The location, prestige and history aren’t even the high points of this Minnesota film school– the faculty, which is comprised of experts and respected members of their selected fields, ensure top notch training and mentorship to the potential pupil.

Sometimes however, the path to inspiration is located in a place of peace and tranquility- something that a large city usually doesn’t offer in spades. Coon Rapids, White Bear Lake, Brooklyn Park, Mankato, Moorhead and Bloomington are all amongst many smaller towns that offer technical schools which offer film and many other specialized courses to the interested newcomer. Similar to the larger, inner city Minnesota film schools, these smaller campuses still offer the two and four year diploma programs many students seek out. As a bonus however, the part time artist who is busy with a jam packed life outside of their creative exploits can find a solution in the smaller technical schools, which offer film classes that can be as simple and easy as a one or two day a week trip up the street from work or home for a few hours of study.

As you can now see, the state of Minnesota can offer the same as any other to the perspective film student- the schools are plentiful; in and out of the big cities. Beyond it all though, is the surreal beauty of the American Midwest, which can offer just the right spark to the creatively stunted and provide the final push towards that impending masterpiece. Minnesota film schools are abundant and waiting for those interested, ready to cater to whichever surroundings, lifestyle or specific interest that the future enrolee may have. And with 10,000 lakes to choose from, swimming in the summer or ice skating in the winter are always hobbies the exercise deprived artist can undertake to stay in shape.

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