Microsoft Certification

Information Technology is fast changing. Keeping pace with this technological advancement is what defines our ability today, to secure and enhance professional growth. The one brand that has come to symbolize this technological advancement made by man is Microsoft. The company has been the harbinger of the revolutionary change that brought personal computing into the hands of the common man.

Today Microsoft is a household brand. Anyone who knows the Personal Computer or PC knows Microsoft. The impact of Microsoft can be felt both in the life of individuals and businesses around the world. Our ability to handle work on a computer is a taken-for-granted capability in today’s job market. At such a time when IT or Information Technology skills are being taken for granted in a highly competitive job environment the world over, it is imperative that globally acknowledged and universal recognizable technological certification is gained so as to ensure professional advancement and growth.

It is in line with this objective that Microsoft launched its multi-level, multi-program, multi-skill certification programs for professionals in the Information Technology field. Microsoft Certification programs are a sought after qualifications for professionals in the today’s IT sector. All programs offered are recognized as being the top certifying qualifications available in the IT industry. The certification programs are designed with an objective to standardize IT skill training in various Microsoft Technologies around the world. Microsoft Certification is available in a wide array of technological areas brought by Microsoft with different levels of gradation based on the various skill levels.

Microsoft Certification is today available for a whole range of professionals from ordinary non-technical corporate executives in the use of Microsoft Office and Windows Vista to entry level and high-end IT professionals, developers, IT trainers, system and process architects among others. The gradation process enables Microsoft Certified professionals to seek further enhancement of their skills vying for higher levels of certification. Typically, Microsoft Certification is available throughout the world through Microsoft Certified IT training institutions, technical schools, and IT training centers.

The launch of Microsoft Certification programs has created a win-win scenario for both technical training institutions and school and IT sector professionals. On the one hand IT schools and training centers have benefitted by the offering of Microsoft Certification programs on the other hand, it has become easier for IT professionals to identify quality training institutions. Affiliation to the Microsoft brand has thus become an attractive proposition for IT training centers around the world.

The importance of a certification programs is understandable given the fact that various companies in the IT sector are also now offering Microsoft Certification programs as part of their employee development program aimed at retention and career advancement of their staff. Such programs enable employees to improve skills and keep them updated about technological changes. In line with the changing demands and technological progress in the IT sector the Microsoft Certification programs are evaluated regularly thus ensuring that they are updated based on the current and evolving requirements in the sector.

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