We all are drawn to art.  The field of Interior Designers and Decorators is thriving in the wake of TVs popular series “Trading Spaces” and sparked a whole genre of entertainment on HGTV.  Interior Design is more than just paint and furniture.  It is how we easily find popcorn in a grocery store we’ve never been to.  Its how your broker’s office feels so professional.  It can somehow even soothe us in the waiting room at the dentist office. Part of the reason I go to dinner is just how impressive the environment is at my favorite restaurant.  The Interior Design Profession has grown to architecture, functionality, safety, and even spawned entire separate fields in psychology and productivity.  Interior Design impresses our dinner guests, brings customers back.  It keeps us safe, makes us happier, helps us be more organized, and even maximizes space. 

Many students trying to make up their minds for their career choice often make the mistake of simply going to school where there friends go, or to the school with the popular football team, or simply to the same school another family member went to.  For those looking for a career in Interior Design, Michigan has several schools with more benefits than I can mention.   I’d like to  mention 2 Universities with programs that set the bar pretty high.

While many are familiar with the natural beauty of Grand Rapids with its world-famous shoreline and sand dunes, here you will find Kendall College of Art and Design.  Well known for its eclectic art scene and nearby ski resort towns full of entertainment and social activities, it is also only 3 hours from Chicago.  Kendall has 19 faculty members committed to their Interior design program and many classes take advantage of the proximity of these locations. 

To the south, we find the gigantic campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.  Certainly more for the student preferring city life, WMU’s College of Fine Arts is known as one of the elite of its kind and U.S. News & World Report regularly feature them in their annual “Top 100 Universities List”.  Due to this reputation, there are many applicants, but only so many can be chosen.  As you can imagine, a high percentage of their graduates are securely employed with good experience not only from their classes, but their experience in their well-rounded internship program.

Michigan offers a plethora of employment opportunities as well.  Simple logic will tell you that a state with such a short summer, most people spend much of their time indoors, and businesses thrive on comfort, spectacular color, and even more basic: art has a curiosity that simply draws people to look for themselves.

Many schools claim to be the best, but it is always a must to discover which school is specifically suited to you.  Take a friend along on a campus visit to be more critical.  You want to be comfortable in your environment.  As much as interior design is meant to appeal, then your choice of academia should appeal to your senses as well.

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