Michigan is one of the most picturesque places in the U.S., owing to the fact that the state is bordered by four Great Lakes. Because of this, Michigan is an inspiring place to live, work and learn, particularly for young people with a penchant for the arts. For burgeoning fashion designers, Michigan offers the ideal location for learning to help students prepare for a rewarding career in fashion.

Finding fashion design courses

Most courses in fashion design are offered as either Bachelor’s or associate degrees in Fine Arts.  Both programs are offered by colleges and technical schools. Associate degrees tend to be shorter and could be completed in just two years while Bachelor degrees are typically 4-year courses. In Michigan, there are two popular majors in Fine Arts: Fashion Design and Fashion Design and Merchandising, although other schools may also offer Apparel Accessory Design. These courses will equip the students with the right skills to create innovative clothing and fabric designs, explore new directions and trends in fashion and build a career.

What to expect from Michigan fashion design schools

Michigan recognizes the need for fashion design schools to be well-equipped not just with the right instructors but also with updated equipment and facilities. Fashion is a highly competitive industry and students can take advantage of the creative support offered by the schools to help them achieve their goals.

Job prospects

Graduates of fashion design in Michigan typically start their own independent business or begin their careers by becoming involved in retail, whether it’s with the many high-fashion shops, malls and specialty stores in the state – particularly Detroit – or in other areas. They can also gain entry at shops, fashion supplies and garments and accessory manufacturers who cater to other stores or designers.

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