Michigan, a state in the US is derived from the word mishigama, which means “large water”. Actually, it is located in the great lakes region of the US. The presence of water bodies provides beautiful waterfalls and water parks as attraction sites. The Greenfield village in Dearborn is another tourist site where one can have a feel of flying.
Also in Michigan are colleges. Its pleasant climate and serene environment support aspiring students’ quest to choose a college there to study animation. In their study, they get to know that animation is the fast replacement of still images in such a way that they appear to be moving to the eye. It uses the optical phenomenon known as persistence of vision to accomplish this task.
Michigan Animation colleges teach that there are different kinds of animation namely: Traditional animation, stop animation, 2D animation and 3D animation. Examples of Traditional animation are full animation, limited animation, Rotoscoping and Live-action animation. Puppet animation is an example of stop motion and has been used in producing films and TV programs such as the Robot Chicken.
Students study animation at Michigan in order to work in the entertainment industry. For instance, cartoons are a major application of animation. Since a lot of people now watch films and Television at their leisure, those studying animation have the possibility of having a steady demand of new films thereby increasing their income. People who study animation must be solid in physics, mathematics and must know some programming languages. They also learn good time management skills since animation takes a lot of time to achieve something reasonable.

Students can enroll for the bachelor degree program and advance into the postgraduate classes studying  2D Digital Animation, 3D Computer Graphic Animation,  Digital Cinema Production, Character and Environment Design, Compositing and Special Effects, Character Animation, Experimental and Stop Motion Animation and  Motion. The schools also offer the following drgrees: Certificate Programs, Coursework, Diploma Programs and  Master’s Degrees Graphics.

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