Micah Stansell is a filmmaker and installation artist currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. Stansell received his Master’s of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking and the Arts from Georgia State University. His short films are often based on family narratives, relating a story through images. His installation work incorporates his film ventures. By displaying films on multiple surfaces and walls within a confined space, Stansells films encourage the viewers to participate in the narrative by piecing together the story by choosing which screens to focus on over time. His installations and films have been shown internationally, as well as in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York.

Micah Stansell multi-channel video installation, Presynaptic Potential, was shown at Le Flash Atlanta 2009, and his multi-channel Between You and Me was a focal point for Atlanta’s FLUX 2010. Stansell is the recipient of the 2010 Working Artist Project Award from the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and the Special Jury Prize for Innovative Filmmaking at the 2009 Atlanta Film Festival.

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