What is the Miami Visual Effects School and what do you learn there? This school explores and teaches animation that motivates and animates the viewer, and is an innovative way to create eye-catching graphics. You can create a world where things will be moving at your pace.

This school teaches the following dynamic courses in the Media Arts:

• Visual Arts
• Interactive Media
• Animation
• Photography
• Web Design
• Computer Animation
• Film

Miami is a popular city located in southeast Florida and is sometimes referred to “The Gateway to the Americas.” Miami is also well known for its tourism, its multinational corporations, its Hispanic community, its skyline and the fact that it is a seaport. This city is metropolitan and a very popular destination for international tourists visiting the United States. There are many Miami Visual Effects Schools in the Miami area, where students can express themselves in an innovative manner and environment. Many European students come to Miami so as to attend these schools, due to the good reputation and advanced techniques these schools offer.

One course offered for “Bachelor of Fine Arts” is: Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. This program teaches drawing and the fundamentals of design, creativity, 3-D animation, digital lighting, digital editing, audio recording, synchronicity, and techniques for compositing. At the end of the course, the students are required to put together a digital portfolio of their work and talents, so that they can show their new clients as well as their prospective clients.

In the last decade, the fields of compositing and motion graphics, are becoming specializations in the digital graphics field, and there is a lot of growth in this area in diverse markets. Only those students who attend the Miami Visual Effects Schools and complete the necessary course, will be qualified to create visuals and strategies that entertain and inform the viewer. Students are taught and encouraged to make their own videos, animations, graphic designs and compositing.

Those who study Motion Graphics and Visual Effects are people who work behind the scenes to manipulate graphics in movies or television programs. These students also make TV commercials and are responsible for the special effects in everyday movies and commercials.

The Certificate for Visual Effects Programs in Miami includes:
• Video graphics
• Basic animation
• Special effects

The field of animation is both unique and exciting, especially for those who are involved in the video game industry and entertainment industry in general. Computer skills and programming skills are sometimes required of the students who want to either, study in or enter in the Miami Visual Effects Schools, so make sure you polish those skills!

Another requirement is the demonstration of creativity, focus and artistic talent. You can also design different media such as motion pictures and internet based media. However, be prepared to face tough competition in this field, especially if you are interested in getting a good paying position. Greater paying jobs are given to all those who demonstrate great job flexibility. There is a lot of competition in this industry, and one who is both patient and persistent, may also be the one who gets the higher paying job.

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