Miami, Florida is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in the world.  Its beauty and charm has been captured in countless photographs.  In addition to the gorgeous scenery Miami offers, the exotic locale is home to one of the hottest art scenes, cutting edge fashion and fine arts, world renowned cuisine, and beautiful and trendy Miami Beach.

Miami is also home to a host of institutes of higher learning offering from certificate and diploma programs to associate and bachelor degrees in photography.  Whether your focus is on more traditional, vintage photography or modern digital images, Miami area schools can accommodate your needs.

You will want to consider your projected career path when deciding what type of course or major to pursue.  Do you want to work for a major news organization?  Do you plan to start your own photography business?  Will you become a freelance photographer or a photographic journalist?  This is very important in determining what type of school to attend and can help you decide if you want to attend a photography course or a college or university in pursuit of a photography major.  

Opportunities in the field of photography can be endless, given the right training and can include sporting events, architecture, fashion, art, portraits, commercial, and public relations. 

Photographic journalists are especially in demand at this time, and they are often called upon to cover major news events such as the Iraq War.  Their contributions have been endless and their stories live on through their work.  Photographic journalists employed by major news agencies often have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  Miami International University of Art & Design has an outstanding reputation for offering an excellent fine arts degree program and they offer several degree concentrations. 

If you plan to own your own photography business, you may benefit from attending a photography college from which you can earn an associate or bachelor degree.  Curriculums offered by colleges and universities tend to offer the student a more well rounded education and most require at least one business course.  As a prospective business owner, this will help educate you not only on different techniques involved with running a business, but also on the possible pitfalls of running a business.  Having a degree also helps when seeking financing for your business.  Financial institutions are more likely to consider a business owner with a degree a better credit risk than someone with less education. 

Several schools in the Miami area offer online courses, however those are generally certificate programs and because they are online courses, you may not benefit fully from close mentoring you would likely have in a classroom setting.  Photography is a vocation and interaction with instructors and classmates may help to get your creative juices flowing. 

Photographers are artists in their own right.  When an employer seeks to hire a photographer, they are searching for someone who can easily adapt to a changing environment and who possesses qualities of creativity and a colorful imagination.       

Whatever career path you choose, Miami will offer a unique opportunity to learn the art of photography in beautiful surroundings. 


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