Interior Design is a unique design field meant for those individuals who are quite creative and artistic and want to utilize their creativity in enhancing an interior design space. This course provides the basic skills of the interior design to the students so that in future they can design and decorate an environment that is aesthetically and functionally sound for their clients. Interior designer course offers formal training to the students to prepare drawings and documents with respect to the design of interior spaces. This would not only enhance, but would also protect the health, safety and welfare of the people. To work on any project, interior design professionals should first understand the need of the client; visit the client’s area to be designed/ redesigned. Accordingly, then they design a layout and estimate the cost involved. The proposed design and cost estimate is given to the client for review and once the approval is received, the work can be started. The interior designer have to work in coordination with the architects, electricians, and civil contractors to ensure that the designs they have developed are safe and meets the construction standard.

Miami, a major city in South Eastern Florida is one of the major tourist attractions and has some of the most famous beautiful beaches of the world. So it is a place of opportunity for the interior design students to demonstrate their skills. Some of the good education institutes that offer the course of interior design are Miami International University of Art and Design and Florida International University. The students who are interested in pursuing a career in interior design will have to check with the College/ University about the type of program being offered and the tenure of the program. Before enrolling in the program, one would also need to find about the specialization being offered, the program accreditations and the total design program cost involved. The cost of the course may vary depending upon the school one chooses. So take this factor also into consideration while deciding upon the school. Now a days many colleges offer the facility of meeting the faculty member prior to enrolling in the program so as to decide the right program for the students. Gathering all the information and guidance from the faculty members will help the students to make a well-informed decision.

An interior designer can specialize in any field but what is most important is the field in which you are interested. There are different fields of specialization like residential, corporate design, hospitality, and retail and last but not the least the entertainment industry. After completing the course, some states require that the interior designers should obtain a license or complete a certification before they start practicing. This can be obtained by passing the exam conducted by NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design qualification). There are certain rules set by NCIDQ which one needs to go through to check the eligibility for the qualifying exam.

Initially after graduating one can work as a junior designer or design assistant to obtain the necessary experience. Thereafter, with the experience gained they can work as an intermediate designer, senior designer or as a project manager. It is a field that has vast career opportunities and also offers you to work with various talented professionals.


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