Attending Miami industrial design schools in Florida would definitely place a student in the right place at the right time. In an otherwise tough economy there’s still rapid growth in art, design, and fashion while Miami is a great place to make fantastic career boosting connections in these exciting industries.

Miami International University of Art and Design has Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s plans in many fields of industrial design. Their impressive curriculum includes accessory design, advertising, audio production, computer animation, fashion design, fashion merchandising, film, film and digital production, graphic design, interior design, photography, visual arts, visual and entertainment arts, visual effects and motion graphics, web design and interactive media. This University as well as several other Miami industrial design schools also offer an online Bachelor’s degree plan for certain focuses, but the college itself is a ‘must-see’.

Located on the same Biscayne Boulevard made famous in the movie Casino Royale the campus sits squarely in the hub of a bustling art community. The Greater Miami area is home to over 2 million and students of all kinds can find activities to their liking, but this is heaven for those who appreciate art. A walk through the Art Deco Historic District, South Beach and Little Havana is certain to provide inspiration. A student’s muse could also benefit from touring the nearby Miami Seaqurium in Key Biscayne where Lolita the killer whale is a featured attraction.

While Miami industrial design schools such as Miami International University of Art and Design offers outstanding career services students will be able flex their artistic muscles in nearby communities while still attending the college.

For instance, Miami Fashion Week in the Wynwood Art District showcases the work of well known established names in the business along with a few new faces. The second annual event will be at held in the SOHO Studies March 19-22, 2009. This year’s special guest designer will be Agatha Ruiz De La Prada. Events and competitions will include Interior/Textile Student Designer and Student Graphic Artist. There also will be a brand new Culinary Arts Pavilion. Events such as these are bound to inspire any art loving student who attends them.

Students can also benefit from visiting nearby Orlando, Florida and checking out Universal Studios. Here an aspiring artist can see firsthand the numerous roles Industrial Arts fulfills in the business of making movies. Don’t forget that Oscars are awarded every year in the field of fashion, animation, and interior design to name a few.
Of course, with a degree in any of industrial design programs a graduating student’s choices aren’t limited to any one state or even one country. A degree in this field will bestow on an individual an important creditability in fast growing and extremely competitive fields. There’s never been a better time to have a degree in Industrial Design. Studying and competing in a city that truly appreciates art can bring out a student’s talent and give them the skills they need to get ahead in an exciting career.

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