There are a great many cities to choose from when considering studying at a college of art or an illustration school. One of the best places to follow a course in illustration would have to be Miami. There are a number of excellent institutions that offer illustration courses, which means that you will easily find one that suits you. Rather than list all schools and colleges in the Miami area that specialize in this type of course, I will concentrate on a few and give some more information that may be of use to prospective students.

The Miami International University of Art and Design is located on North Bayshore Drive. This college offers a huge range of art courses; including multimedia, web site design, and illustration. The institute offers financial aid for those students who qualify. If you want to find out more there is an open house on January 19th.
Miami would, of course, be a fabulous place to study illustration. It goes without saying that Miami is one of the world’s greatest destinations and offers so much to visitors and residents alike. Some of the finest illustration schools are located right here in Miami.

Another illustration school that you may want to consider is the Florida Memorial College. This college offers high quality art courses that would ideally suit the serious illustration student.
A course in the arts can be most rewarding. There are few pleasures as all-encompassing as the creative act of producing a work of art. Of course, the ideal is to be self-sufficient as an artist or at least to apply your art in a constructive and practical pursuit. After all, we all need to pay the bills.
Living and studying in Miami could be just right for almost anyone. With the splendor of the Everglades nearby; the marvellous islands of the Keys down south and the famous attraction parks there is much to enjoy in the state of Florida.

Needless to say, the climate is another feature of Miami that will impress newcomers.
Studying a subject such as illustration can be a wonderful way to learn a trade and a skill that will result in a rewarding career. There are many industries in which a good illustrator can make his or her mark. There are the arts and the worlds of publishing and print but there is also advertising to consider as a career option.

Working as an illustrator would open up an entire field of opportunity and you could work all over the world. Important factors in establishing yourself as an artist of any kind are technical ability and skills as well as the promotional aspects of the vocation in question. You will need to make your mark and get your name noticed by those who are in a position to offer you work. Obviously, choosing the right illustration school to begin with is invaluable.
Whatever you decide to do after you finish your studies in illustration at a Miami school, you will certainly find a career path that will inspire and enthrall.

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