Miami is the perfect choice for those looking to get ahead in the world of graphic design. A city globally acknowledge for its role in the arts, entertainment and media it guarantees to provide the prime location for those seeking inspiration and nationally recognized qualifications within the area of graphic design.

Elements of graphic design are present within various facets of our daily lives. Local and international advertisements, business logos, email, consumer packaging and visual communication mediums all integrate the expertise of a graphic designer. Through the amalgamation of artistic excellence and modern technology a graphic designer heightens the impact of the message they wish to portray or the visibility of a product or service they are working with. Miami schools not only offer hopeful designers a solid educational foundation within game design through Bachelor’s degree programs they also allow game designers to academically excel through their Graduate studies to Masters level. Regardless of the program duration you choose to study their schools guarantee to provide you with continually high standards. The preceding reputations of past pupils mark each school on the national map. Tutors are highly educated with previous industry related experience.

Classrooms are modern and fully equipped with up-to-date technology offering a cutting edge education. Each school approaches the learning curve with a ‘hands on’ method through structured work placements. Students are expected to complete credible portfolios to showcase their strongest areas of work; this will become and invaluable asset upon entry to the workforce. The unique Masters program offered within Miami encourages self exploration into discovering who ‘you’ really are as a designer while focusing upon aspects of research. The program incorporates professional development resulting to a graphic designer guaranteed to succeed. Graduates from schools within Miami may find entry level employment within a vast array of mediums. Large companies with small internal design teams and smaller design firms are always fast at snapping up the young talents. Career progression is fast and after as little as 2 years in a junior role many graphic designers find they move into more heavy roles. Within 5-6 year it is not unusual for a graphic designer to find themselves working with the management or entering the world of freelance.

Leisure time in Miami will never be dull. Festivals and immigrant traditions are celebrated on a regular basis resulting in a colorful and lively living environment. The year round favorable climate encourages plenty of outdoor activities from surfing, beach volleyball and jet skiing to rollerblading, swimming and dancing. Museums, art galleries, cultural centers and theaters are plenty and provide a welcome refuge from stressful study periods. Cuisine is as varied as the cities inhabitants. Bars, clubs and restaurants provide the perfect location for fun filled student nights. With the strong infusion of international flair Miami will have something to offer everyone.

If you are determined to become America’s next top graphic designer, allow a graphic design school in Miami to set you on the correct path for success.


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