Imagine the applause as you stand to bow before the audience at the Cannes Film Festival. Do you think that dream could come true? Yes, it certainly can, if you go to film school in Miami, Florida.

With the Atlantic Ocean in front and the Florida Everglades behind, the ‘Magic City’ of Miami has a highly photogenic skyline and a very recognizable seaport. It is also one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places in the USA and it generates a vibrant Hispanic and Afro-American beat. It’s no wonder then that it is a favorite city for film-makers – a superb choice fostered by Miami’s Academy of Performing Arts and Entertainment. The city hosts several annual film festivals including the Miami International Film Festival.

All this – and its great film schools – makes Miami a marvelous place to study film-making. Formal two- and four-year degree level courses are offered by several distinguished universities and local colleges ( The courses available at Miami film schools cover all aspects of film-making – from script writing, camera and lighting, wardrobe and make-up, to directing, editing and production. Best of all, if you are eager to make a career in film-making you can easily obtain internships in local productions for cinema and TV where so much is always going on.

Internships are vital. Indeed, when you are looking for a job in film-making, production credits – and good connections – nearly always outweigh the value of a prestigious degree because directors on multimillion dollar projects want people who are already experienced and have good references from other directors. This is one of the great things about film schools in Miami – not only will they prepare you with the academic foundation needed for a worthwhile career in film-making but they will provide you with the connections that will help you pick up the basic experience that is so crucial when you are starting out.

The world of film-making is open to a variety of talents. Those with imagination and story-telling skills will obviously choose to become script-writers or directors. If you have good ears, a career as a sound engineer or Foley artist might be attractive. Persons with superior organizational skills will find production fulfilling. And if you like working with your hands, you may find that being a wardrobe or make-up artist will satisfy you. Whatever you want to do, a Miami film school will give you a solid understanding of every aspect of film-making, including the use of advanced photographic, sound recording, and editing equipment, and, at the same time, allow you to focus on the specialist area which appeals to you the most.

The knowledge, experience and connections you obtain by attending one of Miami’s film schools will provide you with a sound basis for a career in film-making. Once you have that, all you’ll need to do is work hard to build the solid reputation that will propel you from job to job and drive your career to the day when you will be taking that bow at Cannes.


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