Career Prospects

Would-be students of architecture should be encouraged to add the Miami Architecture Schools to their wish-list of placements. The Miami Architecture Schools now boast alumni figures of over 2300 working as role models and advocates for those seeking a career in the architectural profession – a vocational area which is rich in opportunity.
Potential career paths are many and varied for students with qualifications from the Miami Architecture Schools. Besides construction design and management, students gain unrivalled opportunities to explore professional paths in consultation, historical research and preservation projects as well as urban, scientific and environmental studies.
The Miami Architecture schools’ enviable career planning department places great emphasis on forging links between students and the commercial world through the hosting of the world renowned Annual Architecture Fair. In addition to this, the provision of workshops in interview skills and portfolio construction equips the students with tremendous professional opportunities.

History and Development of the Miami Architecture Schools

The original 6 school buildings were designed to house returning War Veterans in 1947 by Marion Manley who was South Florida’s first female architect. The building itself has grown from its original inception to a school now boasting exceptional facilities. The library contains over 54,000 volumes and titles dedicated to the art of architecture, its history and practical application. A model workshop, drawing studio and exhibition area allows students to explore their artistic talents.
Travel programmes and projects give unrivalled opportunities for those wishing to broaden their horizons. Alumni and students work in the four corners of the globe with over 50% of the Miami Architecture Schools participating in study abroad projects. Europe, Asia, Caribbean and the Latin Americas are amongst the scheduled locations

Current Projects and Community Involvements

Students are encouraged to get involved with important community projects. Miami Architecture Schools are particularly proud for instance of their association with the Coconut Grove Theatre preservation program. This has important architectural significance in South Florida and regions of Miami and the Mayor personally thanked the Miami Architecture Schools for their support in this.
The Miami Architecture Schools have put their enthusiasm and energies behind the Biscayne Bay project. This 7 mile long waterfront is currently practically inaccessible to the tourist. Plans for elegant high rise buildings and walkways lined with inviting outdoor features such as cafes and plazas will potentially regenerate this area to become one of South Florida’s greatest assets.
The students have also devised plans to improve Miami’s ‘struggling’ Main Street, demonstrating the Miami Architecture Schools’ philosophy for responsible urban development.

Grants and Prospects

The Miami Architecture Schools provide vacation programs for high school students as testing grounds for those considering a career in architecture. Grants and scholarships are available from the University itself as well as State and Federal agencies. Every year, 50% of incoming students gain merit scholarships.
The Miami Architecture Schools aim to foster and encourage those students wishing to build a better world with a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, offering such diverse qualifications as Master of Real Estate Development through to a Certificate in Historic Preservation.

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