Advertising originated way back to ancient times and is now a widely used practice amongst a huge pool of competitive companies. Not only their products have been constantly competing for quality and satisfaction, but now they have taken it to the advertising hoping to attract even the most skeptical consumers. Companies all over the world attempt to spread their message in order to make a difference, advertising knowledge, graphic design skills, creativity talent and current trends awareness. All need to be considered to take future clients over the top. Miami Advertising Schools have that global initiative and aim to bring the world class ranking to graduates.

Globally Challenged, Globally Present

Not only do Miami Advertising Schools offer education from a global perspective, but they also yield a wide presence around the world. There are currently six full-time schools available in five different cities from United States of America to South America and all the way to Europe and Asia. No matter where the schooling begins, internship is readily available for the other schools in the other cities. All of the schools have the same world-class quality education with working industry professionals as instructors.

The Best at Close Proximity

A new educational concept allows students to attend school all day in real agencies where the creative directors pose as instructors. No personnel needed to bridge a gap between student and professional. Learn directly from experts who are on the job and highly successful in their fields. Know exactly how a work environment is like when diving into the world of advertising. Meet art directors who can turn your basic skills and hobbies into powerful applications for their bright ideas or let them train you in becoming one of them.

As Real as It Gets

Enroll yourself into classes that you don’t normally see such as branding strategies, outdoor advertising, copyrighting,publications, photography, student competitions, Adobe family software training, visual impact, and even stand-up comedy for presentations.
Imagine being able to do fun and professional things like print adverts, poster designing, web site construction and even TV commercials all of the produced work that you make goes straight to your portfolio giving you a leading edge in getting into high-end agencies. Keep ahead of other graduates that need to build an image. A Miami Advertising School graduate is an image on its own.

A Socialized Exit

Graduates of Miami Advertising Schools are not left hanging thanks to their ability to use the current web trends in jump starting job searches. Get a face book page complete with a list of quality contacts and leads your very own portfolio that is in league with today’s advertising trends. You leave the school, but your acquaintances from your learning experiences stay. Immediately dive into a new social ring right after graduation.

Lasting Bonds

What better a treat can a school offer than making you part of an extensive network for graduates worldwide. Forge a connection with the school and top executives of leading agencies around the world and be ready to learn from the experts with much fun and thrill.

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