Menton J. Matthews (born 1976) is a multi-talented illustrator, comic book artist, and musician currently living and working in Chicago. In addition to contributing artwork for comics and magazines, Matthews has also contributed scores for films; his music has been released as solo albums, as well as creating a concept album, “Menocyte,” which is also a soundtrack to accompany a comic book of the same name, authored and illustrated by Matthews and published by IDW Publishing. Matthews is also known by various aliases, including Saltillo, Avis, and primarily Menton3.

Dark and brooding, Menton3’s artwork features heavy colors, and fantastic figures set in stark landscapes. His love of comics has pushed him to create paintings of various superheros, villains, and other intriguing characters. Menton3 typically works in oils, and prefers to make his paints from scratch. For more information on Menton3 and his work, visit his website or follow him on Twitter.

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