Looking for a Mendota Heights illustration school need not be a daunting task. When you begin your search for a good Mendota Heights illustration school, begin by considering why you are planning to attend the school.

Mendota Heights, Minnesota is an excellent area for students to live. This suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul is full of beautiful areas where residents can make use of parks and forests as well as nature and hiking trails. Mendota Heights makes a great location for students who may be considering a Mendota Heights illustration school because the area has several large employment centers, including both Minneapolis and St. Paul’s downtown areas.

Illustration school can prepare you for a number of career paths, and knowing which way you plan to go is best to allow you to review schools with your best interests in mind. Probably the most common career path for graduates of a Mendota Heights illustration school is life as a cartoonist. Cartoonists work for comic book companies as well as for newspapers, magazines, and other forms of media. Many popular blogs and online news portals are beginning to carry original cartoons as well.

Others who attend a Mendota Heights illustration school may look for a job as a freelance illustrator. These people work with various companies to provide needed designs. Most illustration students will develop a portfolio during their time in school. Upon leaving school, the students can send their portfolio to various places to get placed on lists as known freelancers. Book publishers and greeting card companies are common places to send illustration portfolios.

While old-fashioned pen and paper drawing is a common goal for people who are graduating from a Mendota Heights illustration school, another option is to learn about digital illustration. Software programs available now provide ways to turn hand-drawn illustrations into digital images pretty quickly, and digital illustration and animation itself is becoming more popular. Students wanting to pursue this line of work will learn the basics of proportions, angles, shading, and other vital illustration concepts while they are in school.

After leaving a Mendota Heights illustration school, students have several opportunities for work in addition to these freelance job choices. Many students seek out graduate-level classes or individual classes to add to their education. Graduate courses tend to focus very specifically on one area of illustration, which can serve students well once they know where they want to focus.

Advertising agencies are one of the primary employers of people who have attended a Mendota Heights illustration school. Advertising campaigns rely on people who can take a concept and create a beautiful picture to go along with it. Marketing campaigns often are sold on the strength of the picture accompanying text or narration, and that makes graduates of illustration schools in high demand. Students also will be prepared for jobs with various publishing agencies.

During the course of attending a Mendota Heights illustration school, students should expect to learn about how to make their drawings more lifelike. While some people seem to have a knack for creating real-to-life depictions, others need more work learning how to do so. Educators in the fine arts have learned various ways to teach these concepts, and that is what students will learn at illustration school. Other concepts taught include how to make colors work together and how to design characters among other topics. Students should expect to leave illustration school prepared to begin a new, exciting life as an illustrator.


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