Brush up your creativity and learn new talents at Mendota Heights Fine Arts School.

Fine arts is a broad field that covers basic fundamentals of art and aesthetics that can lead to more specific art related courses. Back then, it was a required course for anyone who wanted to get into painting, architecture, dancing, sculpturing, photography, and other fields that involved visuals. Until now it’s been the same, but with many people looking to tackle digital design related courses, fine arts has now become a popular course for those who wants to get into the world of digital arts. Digital art is only aided with tools, but the real creation lies on one’s creativity and a good fine arts course should empower that creativity and build new talents. A school like Mendota Heights Fine Arts School can give you the path to some of the demanding fine arts programs.

General Programs Offered

Mendota Heights Fine Arts School offers great opportunities for people who wish to use their creativity in a professional way to make a living and contribute to the society. General programs offered by a fine arts school are the digital photography program, interior design and visual communications.  The digital photography program is perfect for people who have a passion for using their camera for art purposes.  Interior design is another broad field which focuses on your imagination and application of color, texture, light, and shape for inspiration. If you want your art and creativity to send a powerful message, get enrolled in the visual communications program.

Why Study in Mendota Heights?

Mendota Heights is a simple but peaceful suburban area located in Minnesota – the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. North of the area lies the Twin Cities – Minneapolis and Saint Paul and it’s just a few minutes away. There you’ll find 25 lakes along with 170 parks all within the city limits. Art appreciators will find the Twin Cities to be a fine choice in exploring new forms of art with over 30 theatres and 2 art museums.

Job Opportunities after Graduation

No matter what program is finished, tons of job opportunities await for Mendota Heights Fine Arts School graduates. Those who master the photography fields can start their own freelancing photography business, become assistant commercial photographers, or go all the way to being a studio manager. Interior design graduates can start small scale by designing furniture or go big time with designing rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Those who have the extra computer expertise can become a computer aided designer or renderer. Visual communication graduates have great opportunities to dive in the world of advertising and marketing by becoming graphic designers, web page designers, producers and more computer related jobs.

Job Outlook

Anyone in the field of graphics design should expect annual earnings of at least $25,000. This is just standard services and can escalate depending on the size and number of projects being taken. Specialty jobs like architects and even photographers can earn much in the $30,000-$60,000 range.

Expect an interactive and fun adventure once you start your career in any of the fine arts programs offered in Mendota Heights Fine Arts School. You will learn how to maximize your creativity so you can tackle the competitive market in any program of your choosing.


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