The first thing that attracts many to Mendota Heights is the place itself! To those who come from a built up inner city environment, the numerous parks and wooded areas, alongside seemingly endless steams of glistening water will almost seal the deal straight away. Mendota Heights despite initally coming across as a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of the twin cities with its fortune 500 companies, is actually a thriving city with industry working within communities and colleges and universities offering courses second-to-none for all who choose. Take the wide ranging discipline of arcitechture for example, a subject widely available in the town thanks to its selection of Architecture schools and colleges. Mendota Heights Architecture schools provide graduates choices such as architectural drafting, CAD (Computer Aided Design), AutoCAD, Drafting and design technology can find inspiration and opportunities all around them.

The location of Mendota heights architecture schools gives CAD and Architecture graduates a head start on many of their peers in other cities and towns thanks to the sheer volume of inspiration they are able to draw from the state of Minnesota. The nearby Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul are excellent breeding grounds for up and coming architectural talent and ambition. If choosing to move to Mendota Heights, a student will have the benefits of living in a safe thriving community whilst only being a stones throw from conveniences such as The Mall of America, catering for their every need or Minneapolis St Paul International airport keeping the comforts of home ever so close by. Of all the courses available, the area most students from Herzing College seem drawn to is the CAD courses. A term recognised globally as the best and most efficient architectural tool for drafting in 2D vector based systems or 3D solid and surface modellers, CAD is the very epitomy of a worthwhile discipline to be learnt. The skills learnt through studying the and using CAD at any of Mendota heights architecture schools are highly transferable, and despite being mostly used in Architecture related professions, many CAD engineers are found across the deisgn industry applying their knowledge to all areas of manufacturing and development. Being a CAD engineer can develop software skills as well as design and technical skills, carreer opportunities will be abundant.

Recent survey data has found that with technology advancing and means of design moving ever more quickly towards computer based methods, more and more people are combining the two disciplines of manual drafting and CAD together, to ensure they are maximizing their potential employability. This move into the furture is also demonstrated by Mendota Heights architecture schools with some programmes now available to be carried out as distance learning courses. It is hard to rival the experience of living on campus and studying to get the full range of benefits from college life. So whether you want to start with the College Plus in Drafting and Design or move straight into a Degree in Computer Aided design, there are many options provided by the Colleges and Schools in the area.

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