So, you want to be a Mechanical Engineer?

Thinking about a degree in Mechanical Engineering? Do your research before jumping into this exciting, yet academically advanced field!

The mechanical engineer has been called the jack-of-all trades among engineering occupation. With the current problems in the world today, such as the need for energy efficiency, renewable resources, reduction of environmental degradation and new fuel source researching, there lies a huge future in engineering. The key to delving into this vocation is finding a well-established, accredited and commited-to-the-student college.

Though, before you begin college hunting, you should evaluate your potential future as a mechanical engineering major. Engineers must combine a good understanding of advanced mathematics, chemistry and physics with a good knowledge of current technology. If you struggle in ANY of these areas, it is recommended that you choose another specialty. Engineers will also exceed in their education and work if they have a natural curiosity about how things work, like discovering better ways of doing things and enjoy difficult puzzles or other

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