Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) is one of the premier certifications’ in the IT industry. It gives a complete knowledge about Windows Networking and Windows Applications in the domain of Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000 server. These credentials qualify an individual to be technically capable of analyzing and implementing the business requirements in networking and client-operating systems.

MCSE credential paves the way for job roles such as IT manager, network administrator, IT director, senior network engineer, systems/senior systems engineer (computer networking/IT) and system administrator (computer/network).
The average salary for an IT manager is $76,178 and for an IT director it is $90,087. For a systems engineer the salary is $63,729 whereas for a senior systems engineer the salary is $83,110. For a network administrator the salary is $54,582, for a system administrator it is $56,385 and for a senior network engineer it is $82,452.

One of the main reasons for a difference in salaries is due to the candidate’s experience. Many people take the MCSE examination after spending a few years in the IT industry whereas some take it after little experience, thereby effecting salaries. A MCSE certificate holder with less than one year of experience has a salary of $51,432, whereas a person who has spent 10 to 19 years in the IT industry followed by the MCSE certification earns a salary of $79,644.

Salaries also vary due to the employer. MCSE certificate holders working for a school district earn a salary of $54,433, but individuals working for a corporation earn $72,988.
Another reason for a variation is due to the type of certification.

Some individuals have a certification in Windows 2000 and/or the Windows 2003 platform. An individual holding MCSE Security Windows 2003 certification earns $80,543, but for MCSE Security Windows 2000, salary is $ 85,536. For Messaging Windows 2003 it is $85,288 whereas for MCSE Messaging Windows 2000, the salary is $90,360. For MCSE + internet, the salary is $86,278 and for MCSE NT 4.0 it is $81,708. For MCSE Windows 2003, the salary is $83,319 and for MCSE Windows 2000 it is $84,445.

Individuals possessing two certifications also have a difference in salaries. An individual holding a Cisco – CCNA and a MCSE earns a salary of $52,625 whereas one holding a Cisco – CCNP and a MCSE earns $65,000. Individuals holding the CISSP along with a MCSE earn $70,000 and those holding an Oracle OCP along with a MCSE earn $80,000. Individuals holding a CompTIA – A+ and a MCSE earn $55,071, whereas those holding CompTIA – Network+ and MCSE earn $25,000. Individuals holding the MCSE certification along with GSE earn $22,000, with SUN – SCJP: $40,000, with Novell – CNE: $50,000, with Novell – CAN: $66,000, with Check Point – CCSE: $67,500 and with Brainbench Cert: $80,000. Individuals holding the MCSE certificate along with other Microsoft certifications, the salary ranges from $15,500 to $51,000.

MCSE certification is a valuable addition to the resume. Due to changes in technology and new versions, Microsoft credentials can be valued less, but by no means expire.

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