A Master of Design program provides experienced designers with the opportunity to advance their skills. Master of Design students are required to complete design projects through which they demonstrate evidence of high-level planning, resourcing, implementation, completion and evaluation. The design project a student is involved in is a culmination of his/her expert understanding of design processes.

A Master of Design course enables students to refine their planning skills, evaluate innovative design projects, relate technical excellence to conceptual aspirations, learn about the business processes relevant to their design practice, and gain knowledge of the wide range of contemporary issues relevant to their chosen sector of design. Students may be able to major in fields such as industrial design, interior architecture, multimedia design, visual communication and multidisciplinary design during the course of their degree program.

To study for a Master of Design degree program, an individual should hold a Bachelor of Design degree or equivalent from a recognized educational institution. Prospective students with significant work experience in design may be accepted onto Master of Design programs in the absence of a first degree. The majority of Master of Design schools require prospective students to submit a portfolio of recent design work for consideration.

Students in Master of Design courses come from a range of backgrounds in design areas including textile design, product design, interactive media design, jewelry design, interior design, landscape design, and illustration. Schools offering Master of Design programs seek students with technical design skills, creativity, and critical minds.

Students learn through studio sessions, tutorials and lectures. Assessment is usually based on project work. A student may be required to submit written assignments and prepare verbal presentations. Students on some courses may be assessed through examinations.  Master of Design programs are typically available for study on a full-time or part-time basis.

All Master of Design students are required to work individually and in teams. Throughout the course of their program, they are encouraged to explore where their strengths and skills in design are best deployed. They learn how to find problems and solve them, how to observe and interact with target audiences, and how to try out new concepts and determine whether or not they work to good effect. Students are advised to seek out the work of artists that influence them and critically evaluate their approaches.

Master of Design students who decide to exit their studies before completing their degree course may be awarded a Graduated Certificate in Design, following the completion of one semester of study, or a Graduate Diploma of Design, following the completion of two semesters of study. Students who have completed similar study elsewhere may apply for credit for prior studies.

Graduates of Master of Design programs will be equipped with highly developed design capabilities which place them at the forefront of their specialist field of design. Master of Design graduates enter into design jobs in public and private companies. Some graduates choose to study for higher qualifications and go on to become design lecturers across the globe.


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