Due to rapid urbanization, the construction industry is in a boom. In this context, the role and career prospects of architecture students are bound to grow. Having a master’s degree in architecture prepares the student to tap this job market.

With such rapid urbanization the study of architecture has become one of the most sought after courses for young students. Having a master’s degree in architecture is an essential qualification for the architectural licensing examination. Successful completion of this examination enables the student to become a licensed architect.

A Master of Architecture degree can be attained through different programs. Students can go for the five year program after high school or can opt for the pre-professional undergraduate degree program (and then complete the Master of Architecture course in two years). Students who have a graduate degree in other studies may also take the course. In such cases, the time period for the completion of the course is usually three years.

Nature of Study and Program Coursework

Students studying for a Master of Architecture degree learn both the theoretical as well as the applied science. While the rudimentary aspects relate to architectural history, structural engineering, design, building, etc, the applied part includes the more practical aspects. The history and evolution of architecture, along with its connection to the economy, culture, technology and tradition, is normally included in the initial course of the program. After students learn the theoretical aspects, they learn the design aspects.

Technological advancement has made the study of architecture exciting as well as challenging. Computer technology has made the understanding of complex 3D design easy, while at the same time opening  up many innovations in the design field. In this context, the design studio has become the very core of the architectural course.

The Design Studio

The Design Studio offers students the chance to go through each and every aspect of the study of architecture – starting from conceptualization to designing. Students learn to assimilate and synthesize all the data, ideas and theories to conceptualize and prepare the final design. Decision making also forms part of the study as students can pick and choose from a wide range of parameters, giving them the confidence to come up with their own unique ways of designing. Students can even specialize in some specific aspects of the course such as green architecture or environmental aspects of design.

In the final year of the Master of Architecture degree program, students prepare their thesis, giving them first-hand experience in the study of architecture.


Students can enroll in the Master of Architecture program in any architecture school, although it is important to look into its reputation before joining. In the United States, the National Architectural Board (NAAB) has the responsibility and authority to accredit the professional degree programs in the field of architecture.

Career Prospects

Building construction is part of the growth business of urban centers. Hence, the role of architecture continues to be of great of importance. Due to this, the job market and career prospect of professionals in the field of architecture is bound to grow, as projected by  the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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