A Master of Advertising degree program is beneficial to anyone who wishes to work in an advertising career. Master of Advertising programs can aid an individual in developing the skills and knowledge required to work in this fast-paced, competitive industry.

A Master of Advertising degree offers a balanced program of study. It combines academic theory with a practical, hands-on approach. Master of Advertising degree courses are designed to cover all the core marketing elements an individual requires to achieve a successful career in advertising. Popular advertising degree courses have a specialist focus on advertising and marketing communications in industry.

A Master of Advertising degree course will typically cover topics such as consumer behavior, marketing communications, marketing strategy, global marketing, public relations and corporate communications, advertising and media policy, relationship and direct marketing, Internet marketing, and sales promotion and sponsorship. The majority of Master of Advertising students will have the opportunity to undertake projects that will involve working with academic staff, fellow students, and company mentors.

When considering studying for a Master of Advertising university program, an individual should look for a course which is taught by highly qualified, experienced staff with extensive research and consultancy expertise. All teaching staff should deliver knowledge and skills that are highly relevant to the workplace in order to provide their graduates with the best possible chance of acquiring a job in this competitive industry.

To study for a Master of Advertising degree, an individual will require a relevant first degree. Business graduates often go on to specialize in advertising following their first degree, rendering the Master of Advertising course popular with future entrepreneurs. Master of Advertising students gain support and contacts from those working in the industry. They develop their networking and negotiating skills and often have a chance to showcase their talents to potential industry employers.

Master of Advertising graduates may find work in brand or research managements. Alternatively, they may find work in the advertising and communications sector of advertising agencies. Interactive marketing is an ever-growing area in the field of marketing and a Master of Advertising degree will open up opportunities for graduates who wish to work in this rapidly expanding, fast-paced area.

The majority of advertising degree graduates start their careers as agency account executives and progress to become account managers following one to two years of experience. After that, graduates may move into an account director role. Gaining relevant experience and honing skills is essential for career progression in advertising.

Advertising graduates are able to move freely between advertising, marketing and public relations. Networking within the different sectors is an important way in which an individual can find out about jobs with smaller advertising agencies that typically do not possess the resources to advertise job opportunities widely. After working in a smaller advertising agency, an individual can work his/her way up to find work in larger advertising agencies.

The majority of large advertising agencies and consultancies are based in and around large cities. Few opportunities exist in rural areas. Large advertising agencies are increasingly global in scope. Many form a part of a larger media and communications group whose parent company may be based abroad, thus providing opportunities for advertising graduates abroad.


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