Massachusetts’ Photography Schools

Don’t know what to do with your love for pictures? Take a class! In MA, there are many options available to you!

If you have an appreciation for life and like to slow things down a bit, capturing the scenery around you through photography might be a good choice for a pasttime, occupation or creative outlet. In Massachusetts, there are several educational options available to you to help you get your shutter clicking and expose the way you see life.

Going to school for photography can be done at or up to any level you desire. Across the board, classes generally start in the fall and spring. If you are just getting started, your local community college or community’s educational center would be a good place to look for classes. Classes of this type are generally less expensive and are sometimes at night or on weekends to accomodate students with full-time jobs,  children or other daytime commitments. As an added bonus, a community center’s classes do not require educational degrees or certificates (e.g., a high school diploma or GED) to participate.

The next level of education available would be taking a class at a university or college. For example, taking a class for photography at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts would be specialized, specific and would surely get you out shooting confidently in very little time. The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Montserrat College of Art (in Beverly, MA) or Roslindale Art Center are all refined art schools that would have photography departments. As an added bonus, these types of schools are buzzing with creative types. When the energy rubs off on you, you might find yourself taking a textiles class or painting course which would undoubtedly give you a greater appreciation for color, texture and light. Univeristies and colleges require an application, fees and meeting the reuirements of admission in order to take any classes. Students can get a Bachelor’s degree and go on to attain a Master’s degree

A higher type of photography education available would be going to a school specifically geared towards just photography. People that come out of these programs have a world of options available to them from opening their own photgraphy studio to having a career in photojournalism. The Hallmark Institute of Photography or the New England School of Photography (in Brookline, MA) are two excellent options for those who want to make a career out of being a shutterbug. This type of environment requires a lot of dedication but also offer the comraderie of peers and other photo ethusiasts. Taking individual courses at a educational center designed intentionally to study one thing is a great way, as well, to discover if photography should be more than a hobby for you.

Whatever you choose as a way to further your ability to take pics, don’t let your current education level get in the way of today. Capture life right now on film (or digitally, of course)! When you find the need for more information on what you’re doing right and what you could do better, the schools and photography classes in Massachusetts await you.

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