Masonic Institutes Can help you Find a wonderful career as a Mason or bricklayer

Stonemasonry is a surprisingly creative and fulfilling career,and masonic institutes are helpful resources. This article tells how to find training courses, especially in California.

Masonic institutes are organizations that help you become a mason, find courses to continue your education as a mason, or just locate a good local mason. With the changing, difficult economy more people are looking to learn a trade, rather than pursue a college degree where the chances of actually getting a job are dubious. In the United States skilled trades have not been awarded as much respect as in some other parts of the world such as Germany. So many people do not realize just what a wonderful profession masonry can be: how for the right person stonemasonry can be a creative, lucrative and intellectually engaging field. Masons and the people who appreciate masonry created masonic institutes to keep the trade thriving.

Masonic institutes are important because masonry or bricklaying is not a simple field. Before a mason lays their first brick, they must produce blueprints of the finished product, decide what composition of clay, rocks or other substance will work best in the unique environmental situation of the project, and use their artistic abilities to create a beautiful project. They have to use their interpersonal skills to meet the client’s needs and desires in an economic manner, and perhaps manage a team of other workers. If they are doing all of the masonry themselves they have to have the physical skills and dexterity to perform the intricate but heavy work. Masons need to always be learning, and it is valuable to have sources for information and continuing education. And of course, as you learn more, especially about the business of masonry, you can outsource more of the simpler work and increase your salary.

It is more difficult to find a clear path to becoming a mason than becoming a nurse or a lawyer. Apprenticeship is still the standard way of training to be a mason, and your masonic institute can help you hook up to master masons that might take you on as an apprentice. Also, masonic institutes have been trailblazers among tradesmen in creating pre-apprentice programs. These programs are brief introductions to the field, and basically lower the learning curve for the apprentice considerably, thus making them better employees. It is also definitely worth your while to check around your area for local community college and adult school programs that might be offered. Once you complete your apprenticeship and have worked as a journeyman, you can complete the process by becoming certified as a mason. The Mason Contractors Association of America has created a test that works to assure the public that the masons they are hiring are knowledgeable in the area. Especially in these hard times financially, there can be a tendency to cut corners by hiring people who will underbid a job, but because masonry has to stand the rigors and challenges of time, it is important to hire the most qualified person, and the certification is one step to this.

If you are trying to become a mason locally in California you have several options. You can connect with the Bricklayers, Tilelayers and Allied Craftworkers branch of the AFL-CIO to connect with master masons in California to set up apprenticeship programs. For the Brick Apprenticeship Program contact JATEC at 8400 Enterprise Way, Room 114,Oakland, CA 94621,Phone: (866) 845-6275. Look to the website of the California Department of Industrial Relations to provide information about apprenticeship programs and standards in your county.

The Masonry Industry Training Association of California has created classes throughout Northern and Southern California for both youths and adults to learn masonry. They are located in high schools, adult schools and even prisons. Most classes cease for the summer, although there is an adult class ongoing in Mountain View. If you contact the Masonry Industry Training Association of California at PO Box 9966, Moreno Valley, CA 92552, or call the Association at 1-909-800-6010 you can plan how to enroll in the upcoming classes. The website also provides information on fun events in Northern and Southern California,

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