Maryland is a beautiful and historic state that boasts rolling green hills, dynamic urban centers, and miles of scenic shoreline.  Situated midway up the Atlantic coast, the state is well-known for its race horses, delicious seafood, and southern hospitality.  Among its many institutions for higher education and advanced training are a wide variety of specialized schools designed to give their graduates the tools to move easily into professional positions, including schools of interior design and its associated fields.

 Over the past decade or so, interior design and home improvement have become very hot topics, and television programs (Decorating Cents and Trading Places, for instance), even entire channels such as HGTV and DIY, have proliferated.  The production of hundreds of magazines, books and DVDs on the same subjects is a testament to the recent widespread popularity of what was, in the past, a luxury trade serving only the well-to-do.  Interior design schools offer a unique opportunity for creative types to combine the artistic and the practical in one career while providing a sought-after service to their clients.  Opportunities in this and related fields are limitless.

 Although some four-year degree programs are available, anyone interested in interior design can get started with certification (usually a twelve to eighteen month program) or a two-year associate degree, both of which alternatives are offered by several Maryland schools with interior design courses.  These schools are all located in or near major cities, making them accessible to most state residents, as well as those in nearby states.

 Along with employment opportunities in interior design, which can concentrate on residential or commercial applications, or even architectural design, there are also several related fields for interior design school students to investigate.  For those who enjoy working outdoors with plants, flowers, and landscaping materials (i.e. stone, concrete, brick and wood), landscape design can be a rewarding career choice.  Home furnishings merchandizing is ideal for those interested in the creation, marketing and sales of furniture and accessories, from mass market stores and chains to custom design firms.  A talent for architecture and construction work can lead to opportunities in home renovation or remodeling.  Careers are also widely available in computer assisted design (CAD) and professional floral design. 

If the student’s goal is job security, the skills acquired in the study of interior design can open many doors.  No matter what the state of the economy, graduates of Maryland interior design schools and programs will have the training to succeed in a multitude of positions.  Interior designers are needed in many areas, even cruise ships and restaurant chains.  In addition, completion of interior design coursework can lead to employment as a designer of fabrics, window treatments, and custom furniture.  Interior design graduates with a flair for color and shape can also find work as florists or floral designers.

 Although graduates of a Maryland interior design program can find positions in any of the state’s cities and towns, they are also equipped to follow their dreams to anywhere in the world.  The sky is indeed the limit.

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