Maryland offers a range of comprehensive film schools and photographic colleges that will kick start your photographic career in specialist areas such as fine art, portrait photography, studio photography, wedding photography, photojournalism and more.

If you live in Maryland area and are you looking to explore an exciting new career in film and photography, then look no further for excellent film school options. Maryland is known as one of the richest states in the U.S. and is also known for its high focus on photography. With a wide variety of photography schools, colleges and universities there is a great range of choice to meet your specific photographic education needs. With good, high quality education your photographic career can get off to an excellent start.

Photographic courses available range from short courses and specialist diploma offerings up to masters degrees in fine arts with photographic specialization. Degrees in fine arts with photography specialization expose students to not only photographic studies, but also the wide range of creative and visual faculties that develop the photographic eye as a form of art. The curriculum should include a wide range of photographic skills development, such as black and white printing, creative and non-traditional processes, standard and large format cameras, digital imaging and more.

The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) is a well known and respected Maryland film school. Situated in Baltimore and founded in 1826, MICA offers a wide range courses, up to the masters in fine arts level. In addition, MICA was reported by the Baltimore Business Journal (May29-June4 2009 Issue) as being a school that prepares its graduates very well for employment and having had a profound impact on the film industry in the area. For more information, go to

Montgomery College, situated in Montgomery County, provides a focused curriculum geared towards offering a range of photographic career application areas. These include industrial, commercial, portrait and lab technician. With a balanced approach that includes the aesthetic and technical requirements for the field, topics covered include digital imaging technology, traditional photographic applications, use of lighting, advanced processing, production strategies and more. For a detailed curriculum, go to

In Columbia, the well known Howard Community College offers a comprehensive certificate in photography beneficial to a range of photographic specialist areas including fine artists, and portrait, studio, wedding and photojournalist applications. Course subjects include two-dimensional design, basic and intermediate photography, digital photography, color, black and white photography, darkroom techniques and studio lighting. With your skills developed at Howard Community College you are enabled to develop your career as a free lance contractor. To find out more, go to

If you are in the Harford area then perhaps take a look at Harford Community College, which offers both a certificate and an associate of arts degree in photography. Harford’s photographic curriculum offers a broad range of photographic skills development for both fine art and commercial applications. For more information, go to

There are numerous career opportunities in the photographic field, from commercial, fine art, industrial, to online media and photojournalism. There is heavy competition in the news and commercial photographic fields, so new entrants should perhaps explore the following areas – online publications, portrait work, law enforcement and medical research.

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