Manchester has a very rich heritage in the arts. It’s not just limited to paintings or sculptures, but has been diversified to include theater, music, films, architecture as well. The very soul of Manchester’s culture lies in its love and support of all forms of arts, from the traditional to the controversial, and everything between and outside of its normal realm.

It’s not surprising, then, that an education at one of Manchester’s many art schools is a fine choice for anyone seeking to become a serious artist. If you are serious about going into the diverse art field, there are several advantages to choosing an education at Manchester’s art schools.

Immersed in Manchester’s Culture

In order to receive a true educational experience, a student is required to have hands-on knowledge. Reading about the subject and absorbing knowledge can only take you so far. Visual learning and stimulation through putting into practice what you’ve read and observed is just as important as being given instructions on how to do it.

Choosing to go into an art school at Manchester will provide you this very unique experience. Manchester has no shortage of museums or galleries. One needs to merely step out onto the street and walk in any random direction, and before long, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the art that is encouraged and flourishes in Manchester.

Your instructors will be experts in their field, and will provide you with a unique learning experience similar to the one they had. They won’t hesitate to send you on your way to explore the ample museums and galleries it has to offer.  It would be an intricate part of your learning process, similar to being an apprentice or an understudy. Putting into use what you’ve learned and observing it in everyday settings will help impress upon you the importance of your continuing education. While there are many, many art schools around the world, only Manchester’s art schools can boast to be surrounded by, influenced by and immersed in the very subject it teaches.

Appreciating and Developing Uniqueness

You won’t just find one style of art in Manchester. You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of styles. They are not merely limited to what the general public considers art either; they range anywhere from a simple painting to odd sculptures to tapestries and even bead work. In fact, modern forms of art are taught alongside traditional forms. Fashion design is encouraged as much as landscape architecture and photography. All forms of art are embraced in Manchester’s art schools, and there’s something for every student who wants to explore their inner creativity or further a natural talent.

Infinite Career Paths

When you graduate from whichever Manchester art school you choose to attend, you’ll find yourself faced with the unique prospect of a career path. You’ve already made your choice as you what field you wanted to study, but now you have to decide not only what you want to be, but how to get there as well.

It’s vitally important not to limit yourself to just the stereotypical career, or what people expect you to do either. For example, just because you took fashion courses doesn’t necessarily mean you must become a fashion designer, nor do courses in photography mean that you must become a photographer by trade. Perhaps you can merely write articles on the subject, or become a consultant in your field. You can even consider being an assistant, freelancing or starting your own small business. Some people are happy to sell their services on an individual basis, while others open up shop or make their living through commissions and providing pieces to different galleries. You’ll find no shortage of career paths after graduating from one of Manchester’s art schools.

No matter what type of courses you’ve taken – fashion, photography, textile, architecture – you’ll have the unique privilege of having learned your trade from one of the finest cultures of art in the world.


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