The US Department of Commerce has declared that the field of interior design is expected to grow faster than average all the way until 2016. On the other hand, in the state of Wisconsin, Madison has the highest median salaries for interior designer, and this figure is also among the highest across the country. No wonder then, students who want to make interior designing their career flock to Madison Interior Design Schools as it increases their chances of getting employment in that area.

The three Madison Interior Design Schools from where you can get a degree are: Madison Area Technical College, Herzing College and University Of Wisconsin, Madison. All three colleges offer different programs for study in Interior Design.

Both Madison Area Technical College and Herzing College offer a course suited for entry level position in the interior design industry. In these courses the topics that are covered equip students to master residential design, design studios, commercial design, and retail sales. On the other hand, University of Wisconsin, Madison offers a four year undergraduate major accredited by the Council of Interior Design Accreditation.

There are a number of job opportunities available for graduates of Madison interior Design Schools. Listed below are some of them:

• Residential Construction Companies: Interior designers are in great demand by residential construction companies for the purpose of designing their model homes at locations where they intend to sell a number of units.

• Commercial Construction Companies: These companies as well as corporate building firms as well as urban development firms require interior designers to help them with their choice in paints and finishes, floorings and fixtures. In this case too, interior designers may be required to design model office spaces, but this is mainly for the purpose of renting.

• Architectural Firms: Interior Designers are required by Architectural firms to help their clients decide the structure of the house based on their interior design plans, while the house is still under construction.

• Furniture Retailers: Furniture retails also hire interior designers to help their clients make the right choice in buying furniture.

• Homeowners: This is the single largest group that hires the services of an interior designer. Whether it is for the purpose of renovating, remodeling or redecorating, a large number of homeowners seek the services of a professional interior designer.
There are a number of new avenues opening up for interior designers in the recent past. The key to a successful career in interior design is to choose the right Madison Interior Design College for your self, to be equipped with the required skill in the industry and to prepare an impressive portfolio to ensure a challenging employment opportunity.

A number of graduates from Madison Interior Design Schools opt to work for some firm in the initial years of their career to help themselves to learn the tricks of the trade and to develop important networks. Once they feel confident in their own skill and ability as a qualified and experienced interior designer, they then take the step of starting their own interior design consulting firm.


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