Wisconsin is located in the north central part of the United States and borders two of the Great Lakes. Madison is its capital city and its metropolitan area has a population of over half a million people. The climate of the city is considered temperate with freezing temperatures not unknown in winter and summer highs reaching 90° F. It is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison which has a student population of over 50,000 students in various disciplines, with Madison industrial design schools being very popular to students from all over the United States.
The top Madison industrial design schools are The Art Institute, International Academy of Design & Technology, ITT Tech and Westwood College. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has an Online Graphic Design School which also offers similar courses. Madison Industrial Design Schools can offer you Graphic Design Courses leading to a Bachelor’s Degree. Certificate courses and other short term courses are also available as well. You can also choose to pursue your Master’s in the subject of your choice on one of these Madison industrial design schools.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is actually an applied art that uses the knowledge of design to the aesthetics and usability of any products that are manufactured so that it improves the salability of the product and also assists in the manufacturing process. The Industrial Designer would look at the problems of form, usability, ergonomics of the user, the process of manufacturing, and also help the marketing, development of the brand and eventual sales. Industrial design started in the early 1900’s when mass manufacturing became a norm and the competition among manufacturers led them to look for innovations to increase their sales and ability to compete effectively. In short industrial designers are a combination of an engineer and an artist. They have to study the function and form, and the connection between the product and the user. Nowadays, there is almost no manufacturing industry that does not require the services of an industrial designer right from concept to the final product stages.
With the wide use of computers, industrial designers in Madison industrial design schools will use 3D software which will help them to design and view their products, create color schemes and in some cases even assist in the stimulated testing of products that they design. Each of the Madison industrial design schools has programs that can be varied to suit individual needs.

Scope of industrial design

Industries that absorb trained industrial designers can be consultants who offer professional and technical services, various manufacturing companies especially in automobile and vehicle manufacturing and machinery manufacturers. Certain industries making durable goods, the plastic and rubber industries, furniture makers, electronics and computer manufacturers also offer a scope if you are a trained industrial designer from any of the Madison industrial design schools. These industries would absorbt 80% of the industrial designers with the balance also finding a career in other associated industries. The salaries would range upward of $50,000 to $65,000 annually. Wausau and Madison offers the most scope for students who have completed their courses from Madison industrial design schools, whereas Appleton and Milwaukee in the state also offer some limited opportunities.


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