Madison, WI is a great choice for graphic design school. With several graphic design schools in the region, Madison is a great place to live with a variety of graphic design school options.

When choosing a design school for your graphic design education, there are a number of factors you must consider. Perhaps the most important consideration is the location of the school – you’ll want to choose a place that is both fun and affordable. Madison, Wisconsin is one area that has recently gained the attention of prospective graphic design students due to the wide selection of design schools in the region.

In the heart of America’s beautiful Midwest region, Madison continually ranks highly as one of the best places to work, live and play in the United States. Affordable housing, low unemployment rates and a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities make Madison the perfect choice for college students, especially those interested in one of the many graphic design schools located in the area.

For students seeking a traditional education with an emphasis in graphic design, University of Wisconsin – Madison is the perfect choice. Renowned for its educational excellence, UW Madison boasts an extensive art department offering a robust graphic design curriculum. Students completing the graphic design degree program will not only have the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in the graphic design industry, but will also have a well-rounded education with a foundation in humanities, science and language. Students of UW Madison will enjoy a large and diverse student population, and all the traditional college features that a state-sponsored university has to offer.

Another option in Madison is Edgewood College, a liberal arts school that offers a comprehensive graphic design program. Because it’s a private school, Edgewood has a low student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes, allowing more one-on-one mentoring within the graphic design curriculum. With an annual undergraduate enrollment of only 1900 (compared to 29,000 at UW Madison), Edgewood offers a close-knit learning community, while still maintaining many features of the larger schools, such as intercollegiate athletics programs and active student organizations.

For students who wish to pursue a graphic design education in Madison while maintaining full-time employment, Herzing College is another option. Herzing offers night, weekend and online courses, and offers both Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees in graphic design. These programs are career-oriented, and focus primarily on the technical skills required for a career in the graphic design industry. Herzing also offers job placement assistance to help design students find employment in the field of graphic design during and after degree completion.
Regardless of what graphic design school you decide to attend, Madison, Wisconsin should be on the short list of areas to be considered. There is something for everyone in Madison – whether you will be a freshman attending college for the first time, or you are returning to school to start a second career in graphic design, Madison would be a great place to call home while pursuing your education. You may even find that you don’t want to leave when you are finished with school! With its low unemployment rates and affordable housing, Madison might be the perfect place to start your new career in graphic design.


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