If you are passionate about computers and programming, imagine designing new and exciting games and getting paid for it!  However, it’s not all fun and games, there is a little bit of hard work involved but here at Madison we can help you through this and onwards to an exciting and rewarding career.

Madison Game Design Schools offer a range of courses to secure that challenging job, not just in the game design and production industry but many wider fields including media and film, education and military. 

Why Madison – well here at Madison it’s not all about theory.  We offer practical projects for students to gain work experience and a broad knowledge base to keep ahead of the pack in one of the most exciting industries of the 21st Century.

Game Design courses here at Madison Game Design Schools are structured on flexibility and communication but above all imagination.

The degrees offered will provide a varied and solid background in animation, character development, programming, motion capture and more while you build video games.  When you graduate you will be qualified for an entry position as a game designer and modeller.

Game Design modules are structured to enable the student not just to stretch their imagination but to turn their ideas into marketable products. Courses are created to help you learn and utilize the hardware and software needed to take ideas from draft outline to the final project and on into the games market.

Along the way students will gain knowledge and experience in content production, the culture and history of games, platforms and technologies, production, analysis, usability testing, playability testing  and practical experience of the games market behavior.

Why Madison Wisconsin?
Simply this; here at Madison our schools have state of the art teaching facilities and highly experienced staff who are involved with cutting edge research that ensures they continue to stay at the forefront of their profession.

Our facilities include exceptional computing and multi media suites including facilities for 3D systems and imaging, networks and a comprehensive range of communications. 

In order to secure a good foothold in one of the fastest growing job markets credentials from a reputable school are a must.  Madison Game Design Schools are all accredited from the US Department of Education and their industry veterans and academics are an endorsement to your qualifications and your future.

But here at Madison it’s not all work and no play.  Madison’s modern schools are home to students from all around the world who study a diverse range of subjects.  Study at Madison and you’ll never be short of company where you can combine study with a vibrant social life and become part of our community.
Off school campus, Madison is the second largest city in the State, its metropolitan and exciting atmosphere has something for everyone and endless recreational and cultural opportunities.

Students wishing to “future proof” their careers in the field of technology need look no further than a qualification gained in one of the Game Design Schools in Madison, Wisconsin.
Come and get some at Madison!


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