The area of fashion design education focuses on instruction in textiles and design, and there are many schools in the country that offer a program in fashion design. Some of these programs are at dedicated art schools, while others are offered through public or private four-year colleges and universities. In order to receive a well-rounded education, which will give the student the widest-possible range of career options, it would be prudent to choose a four-year school at which to study fashion design.

The best Madison fashion design school is at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. UW Madison is a public four-year, regionally accredited college and is also a member of the College Board. The University of Madison’s School of Human Ecology ranks as one of the top five schools among those with similar programs. The School of Human Ecology offers an undergraduate program in textile and apparel design as well as a graduate program in textiles through the UW Madison Design Studies Department.

The “undergraduate apparel design” focus option educates students in all aspects of ready-to-wear apparel design, concentrating on women’s apparel. In the final year of the program, students are given the opportunity to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. By taking advantage of this offering, students will not only receive a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin, but also an Associate of Arts degree.

The University of Wisconsin is a respected Madison fashion design school and their program will prepare students for careers in any of the many aspects of fashion design, from patternmaking and textile design to merchandising and product management. Because the University of Wisconsin, Madison is an accredited four-year school (as opposed to a school dedicated solely to fashion design), students are required to take a variety of classes. This provides two benefits for graduates of the Madison fashion design school: First, the graduate has a wider range of career options due to his more substantial knowledge base. Second, the information gathered from these other classes can be an inspiration in fashion design.

The Human Ecology-Design Studies graduate program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison is an advanced textile and design program. Its goal is to integrate knowledge from many different areas in our culture, such as historical, social, aesthetic, and technological knowledge. The Design Studies textile specialization emphasizes several dominant subject areas, including the historical and cultural aspects of textiles, the physical and chemical technology of textiles, clothing forms, and art and design. At the highest level, those students who choose to approach their studies as a studio performance can apply to a program leading to a Masters of Fine Arts degree.

The University of Wisconsin’s Madison fashion design school does not simply focus on the technical aspects of fashion design, but enables students to study design from many different perspectives. This equips graduates not only with the raw skill and creativity needed to make it in the world of fashion design, but also the ability to fit their knowledge into the broader picture of human culture, enabling them to excel in the fashion design field.

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