The Madison CAD Drafting School is located on the southwest shore of beautiful Lake Mendota across from the state’s academic hub at the University of Wisconsin. Madison offers a diverse local economy and is centrally positioned an easy half day’s drive from additional potential employers in Chicago Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

What is an AAS Degree?

A Madison CAD Drafting School Associate of Applied Science Degree is awarded to individuals upon their successful completion of a 60 credit hour course of professional instruction. Computer-Aided Drafting is the drafting and design interface that permits you to give graphic substance to ideas and allows the end user to actually develop what the engineer or architect dreamed.

Why Are CAD Skills in Demand?

Historically, concepts evolved into ideas which were sketched and hammered into reality by a blacksmith over an anvil. This trail and error process sent the resultant product back to the furnace where it was prepared for another round of manual shaping until the desired object was achieved. Today a CAD operator can easily take the same idea and create a real world preview that will highlight problems and opportunities long before the hammer strikes metal

How Do I Earn An AAS Degree?

The degree is earned over a four semester period which covers the following topics.

First Simple Drawing
Beginning AutoCAD
Increasing Drawing Precision
Initial Drawing and Editing Commands
Making Edits

Second Developing More Complex Objects
Advanced Editing Techniques
Layout Elements
Print Procedures
Developing and Organizing Blocks

Third Utilities and Drawing Setup
Productivity Tools
AutoCAD Efficiency Techniques
Advanced Editing
Advanced Objects
Collaboration Tools

Fourth Advanced Features for Plotting
External Reference Techniques
Working With Drawing Standards
Beginning Customization
User Interface Customization

How Much Will My Madison CAD Drafting School Degree Cost?

The tuition for the program is $60 per credit hour.

Where is CAD Used?

As a Madison CAD Drafting School certified operator, you will work in any industry where a hands-on worker needs specific and graphic representations of the requirements for the desired end product. This need exists every place where man uses materials to achieve an objective including; Civil and Commercial Construction, Electronics, Architecture, Interior Design, Design Detailing, and all Manufacturing from toys to automobiles to spacecraft.

Is This Right For You?

Would you like to be the one who shows others what a raw idea will finally look like? Do you enjoy drawing in detail? Are you the sort of person who needs to be precise in their work result? Is the creative interaction with engineers or other thought workers appealing to you and would you take pride in seeing your handiwork result in a finished set of actionable drawings?
If these outcomes sound attractive to you then you owe it to yourself to investigate a career in Computer-Aided Drafting.

How Can It Help Me Reach My Goals?

A career as a CAD operator offers both financial and job security. The beginning salary for a CAD operator is $35,000 and the position is integral to the production capability of an employer. Given the wide demand for these services, a CAD operator also has the advantage of being able to seek work across a wide geographic area.

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