If you admire the work of Walt Disney, Charles Schultz, or Matt Groening and aspire to a career in film, or print, Madison animation schools have a lot to offer.  Madison serves as the state capitol of Wisconsin, and is also home to several schools offering degrees in animation and other media arts.  Graduates, of Madison animation schools, go on to enjoy careers in a wide variety of fields, within the entertainment industry.

Founded in 1829, by James Doty, the city was named after America’s fourth President, James Madison.  It was built in an area the natives called “Land of the Four Lakes”.  Lakes Mendota and Monona are within city limits, Lakes Waubesa and Kegonsa are just to the south.  Madison’s population of 223,000 has much more to enjoy than just the beauty of it’s lakes.  When not studying in one of the beautiful city parks, students of Madison animation schools enjoy a wide variety of entertainment.  Whether going to the beach or golfing, ice skating or tobogganing, Madison has something for everyone, and every temperature.  One visit and it’s easy to see why CNNMoney.com ranks Madison among the top 100 of America’s best small cities.  
There are a number of Madison animation schools that offer a degree in animation, or include animation in various media arts degrees.  Madison Area Technical College, Madison Media Institute, Herzing College, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are just a few schools offering study in animation.  Madison Area Technical College offers a two year, Associate of Applied Arts Degree, which prepares students to enter the workforce in a wide variety of fields.  MATC also partners with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a number of other schools, assuring a smooth transition if the student decides to pursue a more highly specialized Bachelor’s Degree.  Significant knowledge and skills can be attained from a school with a good Associates Degree program.  However, due to the highly competitive nature of the animation field, a Bachelors Degree, or higher, will make graduates of Madison animation schools more attractive to potential employers.  An admission counselor can help determine your best options.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, predicts that job growth, relating to animation, will be about 16% between 2006 and 2016.  It attributes that growth to a number of factors, including growth in the gaming industry, computerized special effects, and the increasing use of animation on internet web sites.  They also estimate the average annual salary to be in the area of $52,000.
A career in animation requires collaboration with other artists, strict attention to detail, artistic talent, computer and software knowledge, and the ability to meet deadlines.  Animators also need to be flexible in order to keep up with the ever-changing technologies.  Successful graduates of Madison animation schools will work in a wide variety of fields.  Some will opt for web-based animation, such as flash or power point animation.  Others will specialize in more traditional animation, working on projects similar to Tom & Jerry and Toy Story.  Some will opt to use their artistic talents in print, perhaps being seen in the “funnies” like Peanuts or Beetle Bailey.
No matter which field the graduate chooses, a good education and solid foundation will be essential.  Madison animation schools will build that foundation, as well as provide the student with memories of a beautiful city and an unforgettable educational experience.


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