What makes Los Angeles Architecture Schools so great?

The recession has given a rise in birth to the search for a career that would withstand the pressure of global economic crisis. Ten years ago architecture was not such a popular career choice.  In a survey recently conducted by the TNS global research (INC), they have found that there has been a 30 % rise to the number of people enrolling in an architecture college.  It has now been dubbed in the top ten hot career choices and if you are on the path of a career change then you may wish to consider architecture. When studying architecture, it is vital that you choose a location that will bring the best experience, knowledge and diversity in order for you to achieve the goal of being an architect.  The one place that you can certainly achieve that is the Los Angeles Architecture schools.

Los Angeles is a diverse city, home to Hollywood and celebrity homes, complex and modern day building sites and trend breaking amusement constructions.  It is a city that is constantly changing and growing which means there is a constant need for design solutions for modern day problems.  Everyday there is either a new building being born or a current building needing a makeover.  Los Angeles is also home to the world’s most renowned architects. The three main largest schools that offer architecture courses are UCLA, USC and East LA College.  Some of the qualifications that can be earned from these places are:

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies
Master of Architecture
Master of Arts in Architecture
Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture
Master of Architecture
Master of Landscape Architecture.

Prospective students flock to Los Angeles Architecture Schools (mainly UCLA, USC and East LA College) because of the many benefits that this career offers.  Classes are designed using state of the art technology, focus on theory and design skills. Courses can also be done online and on campus. Students can be anyone from high school graduate to a veteran architect. Not only is it possible for you to qualify as an architect, but you can also qualify to work in the field of engineering, interior/exterior designing and also as a lecturer in architecture and engineering. Los Angeles itself is the perfect environment for architecture studies as it has vast and easy access to commodities, transportation network, sophisticated health care system, security and entertainment. 

The main reason that Los Angeles Architecture Schools are so great is because of the job prospects that it offers. Many graduates are equipped to work in a broad selection of environments including ground construction services, urban planning offices and designing skyscrapers.  The demand for qualified architects has increased dramatically, so this means employment in this field is guaranteed. As of now, the average qualified architect earns close to $300,000 per annum. So a combination of three careers born from one source could easily fetch a salary of $1 million per annum.
So if you are considering a career in architecture, the Los Angeles Architecture Schools are the place sure to meet your needs and guide you to a successful career.


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