Top 2 Game Design Schools In Little Rock

A comparison of the top 2 game design schools in Little Rock Arkansas: ITT and the University of Arkansas- Little Rock.

By comparing the top two Little Rock game design schools , you’ll be completely informed about how to pursue a game design career in a great city within the state of Arkansas. ITT Technical Institute and the University of Arkansas are two great choices for the game design student who wants to reside in Little Rock.

With the gaming industry booming, game design schools are sprouting up all over the country. Little Rock game design schools are riding this wave of demand with two great choices for the game design student. ITT Technical Institute, School of Drafting & Design- Little Rock Campus has the powerful and potent history of ITT backing it. And at the same time, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock has a long proud tradition of providing students with real world education to propel them into the career of their dreams.

ITT Technical Institute School of Drafting & Design is located at 4520 South University Avenue Little Rock, AR 72204-9925. Their phone number is 800-359-4429. Potential students can request a free brochure and take a tour of the campus to get a good feel for the school to see if it suites them.

They offer an excellent Bachelor of Science Degree program in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. The objective of the program is to prepare the graduates to be able to seize career opportunities in a variety of entry level game design and multimedia applications. Students receive a solid foundation in digital game design by studying gaming technology, game design process, animation, level design as well as general education coursework.

Students have access to top notch computer systems, modeling and animation software, printers and other common computer peripherals. They work within a class of no more than 30 students, usually less, so they receive plenty of individual attention.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Department of Computer Science is another good choice for Little Rock game design schools. It’s located at 2801 South University Avenue Little Rock, AR 72204. (501) 569-8130.

UALR’s Department of Computer Science prepares students for lasting careers in both the computing industry and also for the advanced study of computer science.  These two industries are solid and project into the future so game design students are in the right place.

The department knows how necessary it is to build working relationships with local computing industries. As a consequence, it has arranged many cooperative and internship programs to give students real world experience and business contacts to help them launch directly into the work force. This is of course invaluable to the graduating game design student.

The bachelor of science degree program is of course fully accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC), a specialized accrediting body recognized by the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation (COPA), and the U.S. Department of Education. Students simply cannot go wrong when graduating with this credential.

Where ever a potential student decides to pursue his or her game design career, they have two great choices right in Little Rock Arkansas. ITT and the University of Arkansas Little Rock are both steeped in value and tradition and are two top-notch choices for anyone who is interested in Little Rock game design schools.


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