Lara Jade started her photography career at just seventeen, creating a name for herself using social media, eventually starting her own photography business, and shooting for clients as a teenager. With a massive online following, Jade soon broke into the competitive world of fashion photography, working for such clients as ELLE Magazine, as well as large brands including Random House, Sony Music, and Harper Collins.

Now living and working in New York City, Jade’s techniques include natural lighting and simple shoots. With each photograph or series of photographs, Lara Jade attempts to create a narrative with the images ? telling stories that captivate and intrigue. Whilst accepting assignments in the US and Europe, Jade has contributed to workshops and teaching lectures, encouraging photographers to experiment, find a personal style, and providing tips for breaking in to the advertising and fashion industry. Her advice for young photographers? Slow down. Develop a portfolio and gain confidence as an artist before seeking clients. Since gaining her start through various social media, Jade also stresses the impact a positive online presence can have on a person’s career.

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