Many people around the world find that they have a penchant for creating beautiful works of art out of nature, and those people end up studying for landscape architecture careers. You, too, can start a career in landscape architecture if you feel that you have the talent for working with your hands to create something beautiful out of the landscape and natural life around you.

In order to begin any landscape architecture career, it is vital that you take the time to obtain the proper education. Landscape architecture careers involve a good deal of training in the area of the design, planning, management, and construction of landscape architecture. Landscape architecture careers will require several years of studying.

Most landscape architecture careers require that you have a license, specialized skills in landscape architecture, and either a master’s or bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. In order to obtain a master’s degree, you will need to spend at least two or three years studying; a bachelor’s degree requires four or even five years to obtain.

During the time that you are studying for your landscape architecture career, you will need to spend time as an intern for a professional landscape architect or an architecture firm. This is the only way that you will be able to gain the hands-on experience that will be required to have a successful landscape architecture career, and it will be an essential part of obtaining the skills that you will need to become an expert landscape architect.

Even after you have graduated from studying for your landscape architecture career, you will probably need to spend a few more years interning under a professional landscape architect or landscape architecture firm. The total amount of time that you will need to spend as an intern is two years, and that is required in order to gain the experience needed to obtain the certification for your landscape architecture career.

Finally, once your internship is done, you will need to take Landscape Architect Registration Examination, or L.A.R.E., if you want to obtain your landscape architecture license. Once you have passed the examination and obtained your license, you are able to begin practicing as a professional landscape architect.

Selecting a government job in landscape architecture may be the easier way to get a job in this field quickly. Most government landscape architecture careers do not require that you spend as much time studying and obtaining certification, as the government does not require that its landscape architects are licensed.

You may find that your landscape architecture career has a number of options, as landscape architecture careers have many paths that they can follow. You may want to take a job in botany, urban planning, civil engineering, designing golf courses, or environmental planning. You may want to become a landscape design consultant or a landscape supervisor. Landscape architecture careers are varied, and you will find that you can easily choose the right career to allow you to express your creativity using the beauty of nature.


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