Kentucky – No Artiface, Just Art

Traditionally, college and university art programs have been reserved for those with an aptitude for painting, pottery, or some other form of “typical” media.

However, with the rise in both personal use of technology and the vast scope of online interactions, art schools have also come into the twenty-first century and greatly broadened their horizons. While old standards such as Interior Design and Illustration specializations still exist, others such as Graphic Design are now being offered at schools such as the Brown Mackie College in Louisville, Kentucky.

With such a broad range of options, even traditional schools less focused on the arts have begun to offer similar programs, many of which are covered under a compressive art degree, such as in the Bellarmine University Art program, also in Louisville.

Art and media are two of the fastest growing job fields in the United States as more and more companies buy online advertising and display space, all of which needs to be designed and packaged correctly in order to achieve the maximum results.

Currently, the state of Kentucky offers over twenty schools with varying art programs, all of which can give a prospective student a leg up in the work world. As mentioned above, each school has its own distinct style and unique focus, so that anyone looking to complete an art program or degree can find what they are looking for at one of the schools in the state.

Many students will overlook Kentucky as not being technologically savvy enough or lacking access to large centers of technological infrastructure, but the truth is that Kentucky can be a great place to both study and grow, with both a thriving urban and rural culture.

Kentucky is, first of all, a breath of fresh air in a country that drives itself too fast and too hard. The pace of life is slower, and classes are smaller. This means that in many cases, the professor will know the name of every student in his or her class and can take the time to provide the specialized attention that each student needs, rather than simply treating them as a number.

As well, students often overlook the portability of today’s technology, and many forget that the proximity to any larger urban centers does not in any way hamper the ability of technologically-focused programs from being as effective as possible.

But Kentucky art schools don’t neglect their more traditional prospects either. With a picturesque landscape and mild climate, Kentucky can be the perfect place for the artist looking for a muse, or the writer looking for inspiration. The pace of life allows for quiet contemplation, but the cities of Louisville and Lexington offer the sights and sounds of cities when the muse calls.

So whether the focus is a school of technologically focused design, a more typical painting or drawing program, or even an interior design or AutoCAD course, the universities and colleges of Kentucky offer a wide variety of arts programs to suit any need and to help any student find the artist they were meant to be.

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