Want an Exciting and Lucrative Career?  Become a Video Game Designer.

The video game market has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The video gaming target market is vast, as both males and females of all ages and economic levels regularly play video games. As this industry continues to grow in popularity, there is an increasing demand for skilled video game designers. With the continual evolution of gaming platforms (most recently, the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft’s XBox 360, and the Sony PSP), video game production is becoming more involved and complex, and opportunities abound for the potential game designer.  For those living in Missouri, there are several excellent Kansas City game design schools to choose from, a couple of which are outlined below.

DeVry University

A highly reputable institution, DeVry University features career-oriented programs with a hands-on approach to learning. The university offers several programs in the technology field. Programs specifically related to video game design include:

    * Game and Simulation Programming
    * Web Graphic Design
    * Electronics and Computer Technology

With 3 campuses conveniently located in Kansas City, DeVry is an excellent Kansas City game design school for students interested in the video game design field.

University of Phoenix, Kansas City Campus

Founded in 1976, the University of Phoenix’s stated aim is to make higher education accessible to working students. Currently the largest private university in North America, with close to 200 campus locations, Phoenix University offers a large variety of programs in the computer programming field. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-Multimedia and Visual Communication is an excellent program geared towards providing students with a strong base in systems analysis and design, programming, database design, network architecture and administration, Web technologies and application development, implementation and maintenance.

Phoenix University has two campus locations in Kansas City, Missouri.

Who Should Study Video Game Design

Anyone seeking an exciting, dynamic industry with a high earnings potential. Most students seeking a career in this field will likely have a love of video games, but love alone does not a video game designer make, and hiring companies are looking for some fairly specific skills from their potential software designers:

    * Excellent graphic design skills
    * Creative writing skills
    * Artistic inclination
    * High problem solving abilities
    * Ability to work fast and efficiently

Career Options in Video Game Design

Anyone interested in a career in the video game design industry has several avenues to choose from. Someone with good storytelling abilities might choose to become a game writer and compose the actual storyline/text of the game. An artistically-inclined graduate with an eye for detail would be well-suited to the graphic design aspect of video game creation. Students with strong programming skills are always in demand. Once the games are created, they need to be sold to the gaming public, so opportunities also exist for those with strong marketing skills.

Video Game Designer Salary

Salaries vary widely in this industry, but generally speaking, video game designers can earn a very good income. Income is largely dependent on 1the chosen career path (writing, programming, designing, etc.), location, and experience, but game designers can expect to earn in the range of $40,000 – $75,000 and up. Besides earning a good salary, there are other perks in this industry. Video game lovers will get a sneak peek at upcoming games, and will often get advance copies of games before they are released. Travel is often another benefit, with the potential opportunity to attend events such as E3, a huge electronics annual convention.

The video game industry will only continue to grow. There are many reasons to consider a career in this exciting field, and potential students would do well to opt for an education in one of Kansas City’s game design schools offering technology and video game-related programs.


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